Meet Our Certified Coach Facilitators

Meet Our Certified Coach Facilitators

• As a global network of highly experienced & ICF-credentialed Coach Facilitators, we are experts in our 8 SG Services

• Our approach is values & strengths-based – strategically focusing on the client experience, for sustainable change at behavioural & system level, to meet your personal & professional goals

• As authorised partners with 300 evidence-based tools to underpin our bespoke programs; raise awareness; & prove return on investment

• We offer in-person & online coaching packages, tailored to your budget, at various levels – from individuals, teams, & leaders at all levels; to the Executive/Board 

Synergy Global West Team (SGWT) - Europe, USA & Canada

Alasdair Miller

Team Leader - UK

Alison Lally

Team Leader - Europe

Anne deLain Clark

Team Leader - NM, USA

Barbara Bates

Coach Facilitator, UK

Dr Charlie Pellerin

Team Leader - 4-D System

Coleen Chandler

Team Leader - CA, USA

Deborah Glover

Team Leader - Wellbeing (UK)

Jane Kidd

Coach Facilitator, UK

Janet Mrenica

Team Leader - Ontario, CAN

Jacqueline Wilson

Team Leader - Canada

Jeanne Schulze

Team Leader - MN, USA

Lynne Brisdon

Team Leader - USA

Rosie Pham

Marketing Manager, UK

Nathalie Dore

Coach Facilitator, Canada

Synergy Global East Team (SGET) - Asia Pacific, including Australasia (AUS+NZ)

Anneli Blundell

Coach Facilitator, AUS/NZ

Andy Gild

Team Leader - Wellbeing (VIC)

Andrew Gaines

Climate Action Facilitator, AUS/NZ

Birgitta Ravenhill

Team Leader – QLD, AUS

Caroline Wagner

Coach Facilitator, AUS/NZ

Dr Desley Lodwick

Coach Facilitator, AUS/NZ

Geoff Hayhow

Change Facilitator, AUS/NZ

Guy Williams

Change Facilitator, AUS/NZ

Heather-Jane Gray

Chief Executive & Program Director

Josie McLean

Team Leader – SA, AUS

Jeanine Bailey

Coach Facilitator, AUS/NZ

Keren Smedley

Team Leader – WA, AUS

Lindsay Tighe

Coach Facilitator, AUS/NZ

Melanie Scott

Team Leader - Wellbeing (QLD)

Sam Adkins

Team Leader - Wellbeing (NSW)

Sangeeta Pilger

Team Leader - ACT, AUS

Dr Shirley Schulz-Robinson

Team Leader – AUS/NZ

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