High Performing Teams (HPT) & a Better Life

The 4-Dimensional (4-D) System

High Performing Teams (HPT) & a Better Life

The 4-Dimensional (4-D) System

Developed by Dr. Charlie Pellerin, Ex Director of Astrophysics & Leader of the NASA Teams that built & repaired the Hubble Space Telescope. Throughout his leadership, he recognised 2 important points:

1) Team culture (what he calls ‘social context’) drives its member’s behaviours.

2) We are all human, with diverse needs/wants that are met in different ways – to thrive.

To achieve lasting success, we need to create a culture that meets people’s needs & nurtures desired behaviours.

These 4 dimensions of change leadership address 4 key human needs & the program enables teams to increase their effectiveness by 10% pa. 

Team/ Family Culture Drives Effective Behaviours

Based on Carl Jung’s Personality Types & Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Universal Human Needs, the 4-D System assesses individual’s decision-making preference (style), behaviours, needs, & team/family culture.

It provides an insightful, holistic & clear action plan for you on how to create a 4-D culture for success – whether at work or at home. People naturally respond well to feeling appreciated, appropriately included, with role/goal clarity for an envisioned ‘hopeful future’. The powerful online assessments take <15mins to complete, with an easy-to-understand report showing simple graphics & RoI metrics.

Ref: Pellerin, Charlie, PhD (2009), How NASA Builds Teams, Wiley, USA

4-D System Benefits whilst Engaging Team/Family Members

At NASA, over a 5yr period, 500 teams undertook assessments & training, resulting in an RoI greater than 600%.

This system has now helped thousands of teams across industries & cultures globally to become High Performing Teams (HPT).

What’s the project/ human cost of your current team/ family behaviours? Is there room for improving the depth of relationships & leadership?

Recent research by Gallup (2021) highlights the need to engage teams in co-creative decision-making & meaningful project management.

Especially building on team values & leveraging strengths, with trackable metrics over time to ensure effectiveness (saving energy/time/$).

The SG 4-D System Program – bespoke to your unique needs

Efficient & Effective Online Assessments – saving you energy/time/$

Each Team (TDA) & Individual (IDA) Assessment takes 10-15mins to complete & yield powerful, actionable insights.

Bespoke Change Leadership Workshops (CLW) by 4-D Coach Facilitators

SG has used this system for >16yrs now & is experienced at taking clients through the results & helping with action plans.

Underpinned with ICF-credentialled (or equivalent) Individual & Team Coaching

Understanding that we all have diverse learning styles & needs, our values & strengths-based coaching sessions, will help you to explore your own tailored approach to becoming a more 4-dimentional & agile leader/ colleague.

4D Systems Model transforming behaviours for cultural change with Dr Charlie Pellerin

This session is a unique opportunity to discover more about the 4-D Systems Model; the thinking behind its design; & how the Model can be used to help transform behaviours for cultural change.

Transitioning to a life-affirming culture, rather than continuing our present course of ecological self-destruction