Vision: Leveraging wisdom to make the world a better place


  • Integrity (Professionalism & Authenticity)
  • Creativity (Valuing Diversity & Fun for Innovation)
  • Compassion (Meaningful Work & Relationships)
  • Growth (Lifelong Learning & Development)
  • Sustainability (Looking after Ourselves & Our Planet)

Heather-Jane Gray founded Synergy Transatlantic in San Francisco, California, USA in 1996, using her experience of large complex organisations to help clients lead change more effectively saving energy, time & money.

As a Harkness Fellow at UC Berkeley, her post masters research into Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change, underpinned her work as a lone OD Practitioner across 45 different States (USA). She then partnered with Stephen Breese an excellent facilitator, whom she met whilst working with Blessing White in California.

He became our first Team Leader, followed by Anne Powell who was an Effectiveness Consultant who championed our health practice from Louisville, KY. Heather-Jane then returned to London to recruit Effectiveness Consultants, Change Facilitators & Executive Coaches to serve Private, Public & Not-for-Profit clients.

In 2005, she moved to Melbourne, AUS where we are now based & built our practice with the help of a wide range of experienced top talent from all walks of life. Over the years we've built a shared leadership model that gives robust consideration to decisions & the quality of our client relationships – ensuring their Return on Investment (RoI).

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