Change Facilitation

Increasing Capability & Capacity for Change Leadership

Change can create doubt, anxiety & friction with people naturally protecting their comfort zones – & yet the right changes will transform an organisation, increasing productivity, performance & profit. With expert & sensitive facilitation the process of change & organisational development can be less painful – with team members embracing/’owning’, rather than resisting, the new ways of working.

In this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) World – Boards/Executives need their best thinking to cascade Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change – along with the necessary Digital Transformation & investment of energy, time & money to make this successful. Staff need clarity from excellent Corporate Communications to feel secure & trust their managers – they also need to feel engaged & that the organisation is Valuing Diversity & Inclusion. This also helps with creative problem-solving & innovation.

Synergy Global offers a wide range of facilitation & development programs that include both face-to-face training, & virtual webinars (underpinned with Executive Coaching). These cover a variety of strategic topics like Board/Exec Effectiveness, Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), Systems/Process Improvement (Lean Methods), Digital Transformation, Agile Leadership Development, High Performing Teams (HPT), Project Management, Middle Manager & Emerging Leader Development, ‘Leader as Coach’ Programs, Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change, Action Learning Teams (ALT), Sales & Business Development, Customer Service, Coaching Skills, Communication, Better Thinking Skills (Neuroscience), through to anything under the umbrella of Organisational Development & Effectiveness – this might be simple like Better Questions, Better Self/Time Management, understanding the power of Intention & Attention – all our workshops are bespoke to your needs.

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