Effectiveness Consulting

Establishing the best way forward for Boards/Executives

A credible process yields credible results
It’s almost impossible to be objective with the demands of the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) World in which we live – strategy & organisational development take time & focus can easily be lost. Clarity of direction & goals can energise the entire organisation. Individuals & teams respond to genuine appreciation, with higher engagement/commitment to focus on what results they can realistically achieve. That means better Return on Investment (RoI) from leadership. Synergy Global offers experienced & expert consultants to help your organisation gain clarity, revealing the best direction the next steps to take.

Over the years, we have found that before we can start to fully partner with clients, there is often a need for some qualified mediation between organisations, divisions/departments, unions, teams &/or individuals. This helps get the ‘real issues’ out on the table for discussion; uses Emotional Intelligence (EQ)™ & Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)™ to improve not only communication, but trust for co-creation/better partnering. We have experienced knowledgeable & skilled mediators in each country, who are adept at helping our client’s with the toughest conversations & negotiations – often pre/post-merger or re-organisation/re-structuring.

Gut instinct is very powerful & many top decision-makers rely on it as a guide, especially under pressure. However, metrics provide hard evidence & make rationalising decisions throughout the organisation easier. SG Strategic Organisational Audits provide valuable information that enables your organisation to grow & succeed in the following areas:
• Strategic Integration (HR/OD): Turning decisions into action by engaging people – creating systems that deliver high quality results (e.g. Valuing Diversity & Inclusion).
• Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): Embedding a culture that fosters CQI requires support at every level, particularly if you want staff to be active co-creators.
• Risk Management: Every organisation has issues, e.g. losing key staff or disasters. Developing a means of managing a variety of risks gives your organisation strength.
• Technical Excellence (‘Getting it Right’): Continuously improving products/services. Reviewing organisational systems/processes to improve their effectiveness at all levels.
• Customer Care (‘Doing it Nicely’): The lifeblood of every organisation are ‘customers’. An action plan to turn they turn into fans, will have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Transitioning to a life-affirming culture, rather than continuing our present course of ecological self-destruction