Corporate Communications

Keep the communication flowing (internally & externally)

Corporate Comms are values-based activities involved in orchestrating all internal/external communications aimed at improving Stakeholder Involvement & Engagement. It is essential that all organisations clearly communicate to & from with their various audiences (this includes customers, the public, government, professional bodies, staff, unions, media, & partners). The same clear messages need to be communicated in an appropriate way at the best time, through the right channels for each stakeholder group – this will show coherence, credibility & ethics. This important function helps to explain the organisational Vision/Purpose (‘To Be’), Mission/Strategy (‘To Do’), & Brand/Reputation (‘To Feel’) – ensuring strategic integration for effective action towards corporate goals/results.

Synergy Global finds that one of the most common issues experienced by our clients, is either info overload or that info sometimes doesn’t reach everyone – & that affects decision-making. It can be difficult to decide who gets what info & whether it’s sent to all or disseminated via managers. Every organisation needs a robust structure for both internal/external communication that works for their particular situation. When everyone is clear about, communication flows effectively – saving everyone energy/time/$.

Staff need to be informed & want to feel engaged. Grabbing attention on any device is one of the biggest challenges we face these days. Helping people to manage AttentionMindsetBehaviourResults (AMBR) instantly increasing effectiveness/corporate productivity. SG partners with you & digital suppliers to broadcast your intranet headlines – grabbing staff attention without disrupting their daily work (e.g. using specific screensavers & sending text alerts in case of an emergency to everyone immediately).

Our experienced team of Effectiveness Consultants, Change Facilitators & Executive Coaches, are all trained to help leaders at all levels to improve their communication skills using Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)™ based on the latest Neuroscience.

• Communication planning: involving key stakeholders in this early, creates a system that will work for your organisation & make it easy for people to get it right
• Effective distribution channels: establishing the best way for messages to be delivered, such as team briefing, web, social media, an ezine or a poster campaign
• Marketing (strategy & tactics): helping you reach ideal customers who really appreciate your products/services. Leveraging media to improve your brand visibility
• Communication skills development: ensuring that individuals/teams across your organisation have the necessary skills to communicate effectively (verbal/written)

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