Leadership Development

Inspirational leadership for our rapidly changing world

Great leaders not only support their teams, they inspire each person to be their best. A few people have natural leadership skills, but most managers learn them to enable organisational success & career progression. Ensure that your key managers & change agents are ready to lead in this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) World. The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way we work forever – those with the necessary resilience, empowerment & innovation will succeed - & seize the many new opportunities.

Your managers will benefit from a wide range of diagnostic & developmental tools that raise awareness, performance & results. Synergy Global uses >300 Evidence-based Diagnostic Tools for a wide range of situations (from Recruitment & Orientation, Learning & Development, to Board/Exec Leadership , & even Outplacement) – these raise awareness, performance & results.

People won’t be told what to do – instead, experts facilitators will guide their interactive & experiential leadership development to meet your organisational goals. We always use a strengths-based approach to everything so that people get use to leveraging theirs.
Leaders will address not only their knowledge & skills, but also the values, beliefs, attitudes & behaviours that impact performance. We’ll look at the underpinning evidence supporting ‘How NASA Builds High Performing Teams’ - & how these skills are transferred.

Explore how you can do more than simply pay lip service to Valuing Diversity & Inclusion – leverage difference & learn Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)™ skills around building trust to have deeper, more impactful dialogue about organisational performance issues.

Becoming a more inspiring leader will:
black Communicate your values-based vision more effectively at every level - sharing innovative concepts/ideas for change
black Create High Performing Teams (HPTs) where individuals & the group can excel at who they are & what they do
black Enable the organisation to become more proactive & responsive to market & global influences – seizing opportunities