ICF Credentialed Executive Coaching

Leveraging your strengths to accelerate leadership potential

You can’t do things differently,
until you see things differently

Lower risk & increase value, by finding the right coach for you to really progress (with a pro-bono 'Chemistry Check'). Synergy Global helps Board Chairs, Non-Exec Directors, Executives & Leaders/Managers at all organisational levels, who may need a coach to identify & deliver bespoke, confidential Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We also offer specific Action Learning Teams (ALT) using cost effective Team Coaching for both leadership teams & functional groups such as Family Business/Trust Directors, Chairs/CEO/COOs, CFO/CIOs, HR/OD & Directors of People, Performance & Culture. Please contact us to discuss an option to suit your unique needs & budget.

Our range of coaching programs from Health & Wellbeing, Neuroscience, Careers, through Development (including transitioning into your ‘3rd Age’ future), to Climate Coaching, are based on >25yrs of experience in this field. Using >300 Evidence-based Assessment Tools to assist in raising self & team awareness – understanding your own leadership style & it’s impact on others, in order to tackle complex personal & professional challenges in a powerful way. Our Values & Strengths-based approach, along with the latest findings from neuroscience support leaders in making the best decisions, guiding their teams effectively & achieving values-based vision & strategic objectives. Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do or how to do it; it’s about investing in yourself, to give you guided reflection to elevate your leadership capability, so that you can be inspirational with team engagement & effectiveness.

Having an experienced impartial executive sounding board, whose insightful questioning & listening skills help you to explore your thinking & decision-making process, to give you higher levels of awareness for greater resilience, creativity & innovative success. Along with a clearer understanding of your Ikigai (reason for being/raison d'être) – this deeper sense of personal purpose, helps to align your own values with those of the organisation, giving you greater energy & motivation – especially important, when your internal battery is feeling a bit flat.

Our ICF-credentialed panel of experienced coaches, have all worked at Board/Executive level - including being qualified Professional Supervisors who provide extra support & development for client’s internal & external coaches. Program delivery flexes around your individual needs & preferences, with either Face-to-Face Individual & Team Coaching, plus remote Virtual Coaching (using a range of audio & video conferencing methods & optional blended-learning solutions, including webinars).
To ensure value, we include brief phone calls & email coaching support throughout the programs (within reason!).
If not completely satisfied with the professional nature of the experience, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee*
*Within 20 Days - terms apply

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