Ikigai* & Wellbeing Services (H&W)

Transformational thinking - from ideas to action/behavioural change

How are you & your team doing with this Covid-19 Pandemic? If you’re looking for an experienced Change Facilitator to educate or inspire action (face-to-face/webinars), please consider our first class team.

Our SG H&W Team includes a wide range of qualified practitioners, accomplished authors & speakers, experienced in engaging audiences at every level, on a wide range of transformational topics.

Presentations are bespoke to meet your event’s theme/focus; flexed to meet tight budgets/timelines; & based on the latest neuroscience for sustainable behavioural change – examples include:

black H&W Services Overview: Clients ask us for single webinars on specific topics & webinar series on broader themes; face-to-face workshops; H&W assessments; accreditation; & individual support.
black H&W Single Webinars: Role-modelling self-care & supporting others in their quest for a healthy lifestyle has never been so important. Our informed, holistic & motivational webinars are well reviewed.
black H&W Webinar Series: These are evidence-based & use contemporary wellbeing methods, with easy to follow guidance & references. They can also be used as an intro to cultural change programs.
black H&W Workshops: SG has a team of experienced practitioners across the Asia Pacific Region (including AUS & NZ), Europe, USA & Canada, who can deliver face-to-face programs if you prefer.
black H&W Assessments: We can help you to move from ‘surviving to thriving’ using a range of well-researcher interactive tools to help build your resilience & unlock your individual & team potential.
black H&W Accreditation: You may wish to become a certified coach to help your team with Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT/mBraining). SG webinars or certification programs face-to-face.
black H&W Individual Support: We have been designing individual support programs to assist with sustainable behavioural change for >25yrs – enabling lifelong learning & a healthier, happier future.

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*Ref: Tighe L. & Gray H-J. (2013), Better Health & Wellbeing Professionals ask Better Quesions, AUS