Career Coaching

Advancing in Life

Getting a job or promotion can be stressful as you compete to present your unique skills & experience. As a candidate it can be nerve-wracking to sell yourself.

Our career coaches help you shine by honing your cover letter, CV & transferable skills – enabling you to discover your values, strengths & inner motivations so that you can truly succeed.

During this partnering process, you’ll be encouraged to be more creatively innovative; stepping out of your comfort zone to embark on a more meaningful career/life change. Additionally, we’ll support you in developing practical skills like managing your ‘state’ – with less stress & more energy.

  • Polishing docs to reflect on past experience to ascertain job satisfaction factors & how you can uniquely add value
  • Realising your passion for career choices & establishing development options, including job seeking strategies
  • Improving interpersonal communication & relationship skills e.g. to sustain positivity & resilience for the journey