High Performing Teams (HPT)

Leveraging individual & collective strengths for better team results

Calling a group of people team doesn’t turn them into one – most people need to learn how to function effectively together. Even good team players can always benefit from learning new approaches & discovering the techniques that make the team really perform at their best – even under pressure. Synergy Global has expert Change Facilitators using evidence-based programs, specifically designed for HPTs, to raise awareness – creating energy & motivation that makes a significant difference to the results staff can achieve.

Does your team even understand about the power of clear ‘Strategic Integration’? We often ask teams whether they are clear about the organisation’s Values-based Vision/Purpose (‘To Be’), the Mission/Strategy (‘To Do’) & the Reputation/Brand (‘To Feel’)
Unless they are the Board/Executive, or work within Corporate Communications (or occasionally have an excellent & engaging leader), team members are often sadly in the dark with regard to how the organisational eco-system hangs together – & more importantly, for their own sense of motivation & wellbeing, their part in making it successful. Even helping teams to get this basic clarity & to be able to articulate to stakeholders the value that their team/department provides (internally/externally) greatly increases ‘buy-in’.

Most leaders appreciate their teams & try to thank them regularly, but surveys tell us that the perception is usually “not often enough”, “not specifically” or worse still “rarely”, or “inauthentically!”. Yet we know from research that this one behaviour is the most important to team wellbeing – by simply learning improved authentic appreciation skills & practicing the art more creatively, you can build mutual respect & a better sense of a shared purpose for people to collaborate more effectively, whilst enjoying their work.
Building trust in this way & creating a shared & compelling vision/future state, leads to grounded optimism & higher team commitment – during our Change Leadership Workshops for HPTs we share best practice tips & techniques to help you sustain momentum.

How are you establishing a sense of togetherness? ‘Excluding behaviours’ lead to low trust & ‘over including’ such as cc all on emails can easily lead to overwhelm – we’ve seen a lot of this during the increased virtual/remote working from the Covid-19 Pandemic. So we’ll explore how you can appropriately include a diverse range of views, whilst keeping all your agreements to build & sustain team trust…promoting a more positive culture, that can transfer the vision into reality – making the world a better place. We’ll even get into the evidence behind the key negative behaviours that stop teams from working well & that sadly we see all too often in the workplace. This includes clarity around each role/goal/accountability plus no blaming/complaining or ‘drama states’.

Your teams will:
black Improve systems/processes & behaviours to be more efficient – saving energy/time/$
black Communicate more effectively within teams & with internal/external stakeholders
black Generate more creative problem-solving to keep projects moving in the right direction
black Deliver more responsive services to customers – improving your brand & achieving goals

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