Climate Coaching

Raising awareness for a ‘can do’ attitude before it's too late

Our ICF Credentialled Climate Coaches run a range of individual coaching sessions & Action Learning Teams (ALT) to transfer empowerment & influencing skills to help you with this challenging issue in a non-judgmental way. Helping people think clearly about the issues - what they can change locally & save energy/time on what may be too big for them. Assisting your team(s) to move from thinking about ideas - to talking about - to actioning them!

Whilst we provide some basic information clearly with bespoke presentations as requested by clients, we don’t overwhelm you with scientific data – but rather use our empowering coaching skills to overcome natural resistance to change, building trusting relationships, so that you can work out your own way of making a difference. As specialists in leading behavioural & cultural change, using the latest findings from neuroscience to influence our brains that are hard-wired to maintain the status quo – rather than change our deep seated habits. There’s never been a better time to turn this crisis into an opportunity for massive innovation – so please join the movement.

With our experienced Coach Facilitators we can help you have important deeper conversations that go beyond scratching the surface & deal with potential & perceived ‘barriers’ that stand in the way of the necessary change. Using transferable coaching skills to build capability & capacity across your organisation, including engaging key stakeholders – helping people make sense of the impacts of climate change on their families & communities. We equip our clients with the skills to have more helpful & informed dialogue around this challenge – taking a broader ‘systems approach’, with deeper exploration to build trust using Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)™.

You know you can get the technical skills to help make your organisation more sustainable (even carbon neutral), but who's looking after the emotional Health & Wellbeing (H&W) of your team(s) while you do it? Who's dealing with the fear felt by many? Our virtual coaches are well trained in facilitating ‘difficult conversation’ via video – ensuring a confidential & positive interaction with people from all levels – focused on nudging action orientation.

If you’d like to explore how we can use cross-sectional Action Learning Teams (ALT) to train people whilst addressing different aspects of climate change, linked to delivering your business imperatives then please contact us.

In this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) World, in the wake of a Global Pandemic, your staff are moving from thinking about the climate analytically to really feeling it emotionally. It can be hard to focus on the organisation’s values-based vision/purpose, let alone its' mission/strategy & brand, when there appears to be bad news all around. It’s the mental health of staff that is suffering – many leaders are also burning out. We can help in many ways & be creative giving BIG Value for a relatively small investment. So whatever your budget, please consider a brief conversation with us over a virtual coffee – that isn’t going to hurt anyone’s carbon footprint!

Clients tell us that it isn’t the lack of technical knowledge that is letting the organisation down, but that they often lack confidence in engaging & influencing others – we can help with just 1 or 2 Change Leadership Workshops. If you are an HR/OD Professional/Consultant/Facilitator or Coach itching to make an impact in the climate space & have no background in this work, don’t discount yourself. You need to be a great coach, not an environmentalist. Interested in joining Synergy Global & helping? Then please reach out to Barbara Bates, Team Leader – Climate (who is based in the UK), or if the Australian time-zones suit you better please email Heather-Jane Gray.

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