Values-based Cultural Change

Intention - Attention - Mindset - Behaviour - Results (I -AMBR)

People learn to respond to internal & external expectations in a certain way – & in this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) World, when things change dramatically, they protect these learned behaviours – often with adverse impact.

Cultural change is never easy. However, with right educational programs, understanding, & a vision of how each individual will benefit from embracing change, the organisation can seize opportunities & achieve great things..There is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution; every organisation has its own history & character. Behavioural/Cultural Change Programs need to be engineered to fit your workplace, customers, staff & other stakeholders.

Our experienced ICF-credentialed Coach Facilitators partner to co-design & deliver programs that fits your unique situation & challenges, within a budget that you can afford. Delivering maximum results from the Board/Executive to the front line.

Synergy Global has been running a wide-range of effective Change Leadership Workshops & larger Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change Programs for > nearly 30 years, using >300 evidence-based tools, with an easy to adopt Socratic ‘coaching approach’

Even using the simple model in the heading will help you gain clarity at every level:
blackEmpowering leaders & teams to communicate more authentically & they prioritise work projects
blackClearer ‘Intention’ leads to people putting their ‘Attention’ on what matters the most…customers
blackHelping develop more agile Systems Thinking & Growth Mindsets for leading change effectively
black Values-based behavioural change then follows with role-modelling valuing diversity & creativity
blackSG partners with you to define appropriate Quant/Qual Metrics for measuring results for RoI

Book a no obligation Complementary Consult to discuss issues in confidence with our Chief Executive – you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved within budget.