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Most people already know the changes they need to make on the inside (within themselves) to achieve the things they want to do or make better/ different on the outside (in their life/work). What they lack most is an effective way to make & sustain those changes in themselves – in their own thinking. Our SG ICF Credentialed Coaches are well-qualified in various aspects of Neuroscience, having kept up to date by completing numerous extra Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs & certificates over the years. Synergy Global works collaboratively, to pool our years of leadership experience together with this collective knowledge of neuroscience – helping client’s leverage their wisdom & make the world a better place…for themselves, their families, teams & organisations.

As a result, we’re always developing new learning streams for our individual & action learning team coaching programs – cover various aspects of neuroscience, to give you a cutting-edge development experience to inform your leadership practice & differentiate from competitors.
Examples of the expertise that you can draw on include:
• Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) @ Master Practitioner/Post Grad Level
• Qualified Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioural therapy (MiCBT)
• Multiple Brain integration Technique (mBiT/mBraining)
• Emotional Intelligence (EQ)™ & Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)™
• Neurozone™ for High Performance Individual/Team/Organisations
• Dr Martin Seligman’s work on Positive Psychology & Resilience for Health & Wellbeing
• Axiogenics™ including Valuegenic (VQ Profiles)™, combined with the principles & practices of Neuro-axiological Cognitive
Remodeling Technology (NCRT)™ which measures how you think

These go way beyond a ‘personality assessment’ or even a very useful ‘behavioural assessment’ – unlocking your human potential – helping you to “work smarter not harder” – giving you “more bang for your buck”. An example of how we transfer this knowledge for you to use as a foundational core competency / master life skill, is our unique Self-Leadership 1-2-3 Program: The purposeful practice of engaging one’s best ways of thinking to maximise value creation in any & all circumstances that matter. In this game-changing program people learn how to turn their potential into unprecedented results by maximising their Cognitive Assets while minimising their Cognitive Liabilities (Biases).

The learning process takes place within the context of the individual’s specific goals, in three crucial areas:
• Clarity of Purpose: What do I want & why?
• Active Mindfulness: When & how do my subconscious Cognitive Liabilities & habits get the way of my success & happiness?
• Wisdom in Action: How can I use my Cognitive Assets to be the person I aspire to be & achieve the things I want in my life?

Many practitioners have completed their training with Open Door Coaching (RTO 21858), who offer government accredited qualifications & an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), enabling us to provide clients with Cert IV & Diplomas.

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