Workplace Mediation

An ethical & cost effective way to deal with conflict resolution without litigation


Workplace Mediation is a process in which disputing parties, identify key issues, develop options, consider alternatives, & endeavour to reach an agreement. It is carried out by a neutral intermediary (Mediators) who helps improve communication – drawing on mutual consensus, to focus on problem-solving & resolution rather than blame or who is right/wrong.

Our Mediators assist in the preservation & enhancement of relationships, by enabling parties to expand the information base for decisions, that will improve the relationship & work outcomes. Parties are directly engaged in & maintain control of the resolution process, allowing them to identify & choose a way forward that meets the interests/needs of all involved in the process.

Unlike arbitration, which listens to the arguments of both sides & makes a decision – mediation is a voluntary & confidential process to help disputants design a bespoke solution themselves. Sangeeta is based in AUS & Anne is based in the USA. Both consultants are held to high ethical standards by the laws & professional codes in their respective countries of practice. This service links well with out Corporate Communications & Change Facilitation workshops using Emotional Intelligence (EQ)™ & Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)™.

5 Step Overview of Mediation Process:
1) Consultation: By phone with initial contact person/s to determine context of the mediation (up to 1hr). This can of course be extended for more complex & political situations.
2) Interviews: 1.5hrs each party, to determine suitability of the matter for mediation, explore issues & needs. If determined to be unsuitable, we will recommend alternative options.
3) Mediation: Which typically takes about 4hrs depending on the number & complexity of the issues, with 2 to 3 people. This is a joint session with the disputing parties & mediator.
4) Outcome: A confidential statement that both parties agree, representing their shared view on action to be taken going forward, to build trust & enhance the working relationship.
5) Follow-up: A meeting/call to discuss progress & accountability with the mediated Agreement reaches. This is a chance for developmental Reflective Practice (RP) for both parties.

Relevant Experience: Anne & Sangeeta have >50yrs of mediation experience & expertise in using this transformative approach (with topics from civil suits, restorative justice & family). They partner with a wide range of individuals, contractors, unions, attorneys, supervisors & employers. Projects are varied & include developing programs for Government Agencies. Sangeeta is a NMAS Accredited Mediator in AUS (currently NM, USA has chosen not to accredit/certify mediators). They both bring exceptional skills for transparency, safety & support.

Synergy Global has a very high mediation success rates in excess of 90% – helping disputing parties agree on new ways of working more collaboratively, so why not give it a chance? If you’d like to save organisational energy/time/$ & know more about this service, please reach out directly to (USA) or (AUS).

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