Anne deLain Clark, Team Leader – NM, USA

MBA, Conversational Intelligence® Certified Coach, Governmental Hearing Officer, Public Meeting Facilitator, Mediator for: government personnel action appeals, water rights, workplace disputes, family conflict, juvenile restorative justice

Anne joined Synergy Global in 2020 as Team Leader – NM, USA.
She is an excellent Transformative Mediator/Instructor, & Government Liaison, High Risk Communicator. She began her work in mediation, organisational/ intra-governmental diplomacy, & human dynamics in 2001 as the Coordinator of the New Mexico Radioactive Waste Consultation Taskforce.

As Taskforce Coordinator, she represented interests for the State of NM, & it’s citizens in collaborative policy development with other states & the USA Federal Government. She facilitated public meetings on nuclear waste transportation, negotiated multiple agreements & contracts with government departments, chaired Western Governors’ Association Tech Advisory Group on Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Transportation, & led multiple co-creating teams of professional peers spanning 7 NM State Agencies, 12 Western States, & 4 US Regional Groups, all striving to work in concert with each other & the federal government in the highly charged area of safe transportation of nuclear waste.

Anne was chosen for the Governor’s Performance Review for exceptional analytical skills & understanding of the impact of government policies. She authored Minimize Litigation Costs: Expand Use of Conflict Resolution in Chapter II of ‘Moving New Mexico Forward: Further Along’ & co-authored 3 other sections of this final report. Also co-authored WIPP Transportation Safety Program: A Model Framework for Collaboration among States & Agencies in the Transportation of Radioactive Waste (presented at a Conference in 2007).

Anne brings nearly 20yrs of experience in Transformative Mediation in the workplace; >5yrs teaching/mentoring other mediators; & analytical/reflective thinking – demonstrated through >14yrs of policy analysis, advising/advocacy in the arenas of State & Federal Government. Other relevant roles in government include being a citizen advocate, employee ombuds, proposal reviewer (heath & environmental programs), admin ops manager, drought planner, & USA legislation analyst – & over 20 years of project & financial management (including comprehensive budgeting & cash flow projecting).

Her expertise & key interests focus around these 5 themes:

blackEffectiveness Consulting Vision/Strategy Clarification for Values-based Leadership & Cultural Development/Change
blackChange Facilitation: Communication & Conflict Resolution to Support Team/Organisational Effectiveness & Growth
blackExecutive Coaching: Leaders at all levels & their teams for Conscious Organisational Culture/Behavioural Change
blackStakeholder Engagement: Strategic Autonomy through Performance Exceeding Regulatory Requirements
blackProject Management: Especially in the Highly Political Public Services e.g. Environmental Impact Planning

After retiring from NM State Government (2012), Anne co-founded her own business & joined Synergy Global to apply her deep understanding of human dynamics within organisations. Her work focusses on transforming natural & necessary tensions inherent in business into real opportunities for extraordinary growth.

Anne is currently focusing her attention on enhancing her approach to work globally with our USA/CAN team – helping a wider range of clients to experience how constructive differences can drive any organisation toward greater success.

As a US citizen living in Santa Fe, NM with her husband Blair, Anne loves learning & sharing new ideas, intellectual discourse, fresh air, walking, beach combing, singing, travel, photography, writing, & creating mixed media art.

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