Dr Charlie Pellerin, Author & Team Leader - 4-D Systems

BS in Physics (Drexel University), MS & PhD in Astrophysics (Catholic University of America).

“It’s an honour & a privelige to have Charlie as our 4-D Mentor”
Heather-Jane Gray, Chief Executive, Synergy Global Pty Ltd.

In his 20’s – Engineer, Inventor, Research Astrophysicist
With a BS in Physics, Charlie Pellerin joined NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He invented a magnetometer that saved NASA many thousands of dollars, receiving the Centre’s highest-ever patent related monetary award.

The design (modified by his co-inventor) flew on the first mission to leave the solar system & almost every mission to the planets since 1970. He published the magnetometer’s analytical model in IEEE Transactions. He later earned a MS & PhD in Astrophysics. He’s a published author in the Astrophysical Journal – about the composition of the solar surface & galactic magnetic field structures. Catholic University gave him their Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science.

In his 30’s & 40’s – NASA’s Director of Astrophysics
Charlie then became interested in management, graduating from the Harvard Business School’s prestigious ‘Program for Management Development’. At 38yrs of age, NASA appointed him Director, Astrophysics. He led their astrophysics program for a decade launching 12 satellites with a budget of $750m per year- one of the largest scientific programs in history. Charlie invented the Great Observatories Program that garnered over $8b for space astrophysics. NASA awarded him an Outstanding Leadership Medal & the American Astronautical Society recently gave him their highest award, the Space Flight Award.

In 1990, the world discovered that NASA’s crown jewel, the Hubble Space Telescope was useless because of a flawed mirror. The author mounted the daring space repair mission that fixed the telescope. Hubble is now in its 15th year of productive scientific research with more than 3,500 technical publications. NASA awarded him a second Outstanding Leadership Medal – an honour bestowed on less than 50 people (including astronauts) in NASA’s History. He was then promoted to the highest (non-political) level in the government.
As Associate Deputy Administrator, he developed NASA’s post-cold-war strategy. NASA then awarded him its highest honour, the Distinguished Service Medal, given when the contribution is so extraordinary that other forms of recognition would be inadequate.

In his 50’s & early 60’s – University Professor, Business Owner, Author
With nothing higher to aspire to in the government, he joined the University of Colorado’s (CU) Business School as a Professor of Leadership. He was curious about leadership’s role in Hubble’s mishap. He taught undergraduates, MBAs, & Executives a course called Twenty-first Century Leadership. After a presentation by his students to the Dean’s Advisory Council, the CEOs of Pepsi, Exabyte, & the Area Managing Partner for Ernst & Young asked him to “bring this class into their company.”
Pepsi’s CEO also gave the Dean a check for $50,000 if he would keep the author in the Business School. His classes had the highest ratings in the college (consistently A+).

Charlie founded ‘4-D Systems’ with Ernest and Young as his first client. He began by converting his CU class material into a business-oriented 3-day workshop.
Later, he added ICF Credentialed Coaching to minimise “post-workshop decay”.

Next, seeing that intellectual immersion is insufficient to cause behavioral change (the only thing that matters) he added fast online behavioral assessments. Finally, realising that context was the driver behind team & individual performance, he invented a 1hr ‘Context-Shifting Worksheet’ (CSW). Today, 4-D Systems has sales >$4m/year. His team then won the International Coach Federation’s 2007 Prism Award for “enhanced excellence & business achievement…with documented return on investment.”

Charlie met Heather-Jane Gray, Chief Executive of Synergy Global (SG) through a colleague in 2010 & they quickly became friends – sharing a passion for Values-based Leadership & Behavioural/Cultural Change – along with Risk Management & Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). With typical generosity, Charlie then helped to train up a team of SG Consultants to continue his work across Australasia & North America. SG further proved the power of 4-D Systems in Education, Health & Defence, plus many other industries. SG continues to train & coach people in these powerful tools.

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