Andrew Gaines

Climate Change & Sustainability Facilitator

Andrew joined Synergy Global in 2020. Having met Heather-Jane through the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA) ANZ.He is an experienced facilitator for Climate, Sustainability, & Creativity.

As a well-qualified & experienced Psychotherapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Creativity & Resilience Trainer, plus Social Change Innovator. He’s also the Co-founder of the Australian Association of Somatic Psychotherapists. As an author his books include Kitchen Table Conversations, Inner Work, & Creativity Games.

Obviously global warming is bigger than any of us– yet it will affect each of us. Andrew helps leaders turn their concern about global warming into action for transformative change. He shows ways that caring people can align with, to be vastly more effective. The stakes are huge. What some call the ‘great unravelling’ has already kicked in, with the Australian 2020 Black Summer; 2021 British Columbia heat dome, & unprecedented fires & floods globally. Our proper goal, then, is to take civilization into a new phase where we operate within planetary boundaries & take care of people in the process. Some call this ‘evolving a life-affirming culture’.

There is more to it than renewable energy, important though that is. Individually & collectively we must become the kind of people that can create & enjoy a life-affirming culture. Many people in organisations – as in the rest of life – have unresolved emotional triggers. These impede both business performance & civic responsibility. Andrew introduces tools people can use for themselves to resolve their own emotional triggers; if they’re willing to do the work. This greatly enhances Health & Wellbeing (H&W).

Andrew also facilitates sessions on creative thinking skills. Organisations need innovative ideas, & culturally we do well to become flexible in our thinking. He helps teams develop the capacity to cross-fertilize & play with ideas the way great innovators do. This heightens collaboration, reduces friction & everyone has some fun!

His interests & expertise focus around these 4 key themes:

blackEffectiveness Consulting::Behavioural/Cultural Change – creating the conditions for workplace Health & Wellbeing. blackChange Facilitation: High Performing Teams (HPT) – teaching advanced creativity & team communication skills. blackClimate Coaching::Working out how to responsibly position your business in the context of rapid global warming.

Andrew is an innovator in the practical applications of neurology – improving brain functioning. His motto is “I help good brains work better.” He developed an approach to ‘functional coaching’ that uses games & exercises to develop skills as patterns of coordination, in the motor system of the brain. While this sounds abstract, the actual applications are a lot of fun. They involve playful adaptations from improvisational acting, Tai Chi, & Aikido. By playing you develop skills. Andrew applies these insights to social change. People’s behaviour is based on their mental maps & on their intentions. Therefore, he has developed tools to expand people’s mindsets the context of climate change. He helps people move from silo thinking & single factor solutions to bigger picture ‘systems thinking’ – which is more in line with nature.

He believes that pulling out of our ecological nosedive requires inspiring mainstream commitment to doing everything required, even if it does involve profound changes in the way we live. Ah, but how to reach the mainstream? Most people are busy, & they attend to their familiar channels of communication. The answer: Inspire millions of people to talk with their friends & colleagues about our climate emergency & what to do about it – providing tools to make communicating effective. Andrew set up ‘Inspiring Transition’, as a platform to support thought leaders & citizen educators champion the overarching goal of transitioning to a life-affirming culture (rather than continuing our present course of ecological self-destruction). To learn more sign up for a free eBook on Creativity Games on our Contact Page

Andrew lives in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, NSW, AUS. He reads widely, plays improvised Spanish guitar, & is one of the better players at the local chess club.

Transitioning to a life-affirming culture, rather than continuing our present course of ecological self-destruction