Coleen Chandler, Team Leader - California, USA

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI-CPCC), Certified Meditation Teacher & trained in Mediation through the California Lawyers for the Arts

Coleen joined our Synergy Global West Team in 2020, as our Team Leader – California, USA, building on a successful career as an International Creativity Coach specialising in Leadership, Business & the Performing Arts.

Coleen sees the world through the lens of creativity for innovation. Her passion is to challenge people at all levels, to see their environment & contribution with new eyes. What is unique about them? Have they explored all possibilities? How will they challenge the status quo & bring their full talents to an organisation? To survive in a VUCA world, today’s leaders must have the courage to break through the limits of inherited methods & tap into their team’s creative intelligence.

Coleen has now been coaching full time for 16yrs & prior to that, spent 15yrs in the financial industry as a Commercial Business Lender & Financial Tax Specialist, attracting a clientele of start-up entrepreneurs. It was a natural fit. She was raised in France & given responsibility in the family business as early as 12yrs. By 18, she was routinely leading crews & working 60hrs/wk. She loved the entrepreneurship experience then, & still does today; & she loves helping others to achieve success.

At 25, she immigrated to the USA to immerse herself in music & song-writing. Coleen is a performing singer-songwriter who coaches artists & creatives all over the world, so she understands the creative mind.

With her entrepreneurial spirit, world view & emphasis on creativity, she connects well with thought leaders & creative professionals who want to blaze their own trail, leaving their own mark.

Her coaching approach is bold, playful & empathetic. Along with strong leadership & business skills, Coleen believes deeply in the expansive power of mindfulness & conscious living to achieve extraordinary results. She has been practicing yoga & meditation for >20yrs.

Her expertise & key interests focus around these 4 themes:

blackEffective Leadership: Aligning values-based vision & goals with strengths for High Performing Teams (HPT). blackTeam Creativity: Masterclasses to Understand the Psychology of the Creative Mind, & Master Effectiveness. blackImpactful Communication: Self-confidence & presentation skills. Learn the art of performing in any situation. blackMindfulness: It’s the glue that ties the first three together – self-awareness in your professional & personal life, purpose-based values, presence, kindness & gratitude. Live & lead with ease & balance.

Coleen is an enthusiastic supporter of the ICF & its credentialing program. She is a PCC & has served on the Board of the ICF Sacramento Chapter (USA) for the past 5yrs in different capacities. In 2018, as President of her ICF Chapter, she was invited to the ICF Global Leader Forum in Vancouver, Canada, an unforgettable experience that cemented her respect for this growing professional organisation. Today, she is Director at Large, Director of Credentialing, & an ICF Mentor Coach.

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