Birgitta Ravenhill, Team Leader - QLD

MA • BA • Cert. Results Coach • Cert. Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) Coach • Cert Team Coach • Team Coaching Quality Award (TCQA) • Cert Solution/Consultative Selling • Cert Effective Communication Coach

Birgitta joined Synergy Global as Team Leader – QLD in 2020.
She believes in the importance of connecting to who we truly are & authenticity. In these uncertain times it is more important than ever, to lead ourselves first. She has seen how many people try to ‘fit in’ & no longer feel congruent, which leads to a state of stress affecting their overall performance. People who lose connection can feel stuck, undervalued & start doubting themselves in the workplace & in private. When not addressed this might lead to chronic stress, feelings of overwhelm, frustration & even burn-out.

Having worked with C-Suite Execs, Senior Leaders & Multi-disciplinary Teams at all levels for >25yrs, Birgitta has extensive experience in creating & delivering synergistic collaboration & common purpose across various stakeholders. She has partnered with some of the largest enterprises worldwide & also start-up SMEs – aligning values-based visions to a well-defined Strategy, co-leading change programs, & creating innovative solutions.

Birgitta is passionate, inquisitive, insightful & dedicated to creating value-based outcomes for clients. She challenges them to be open-minded & shift perspective to gain clarity & energy by pursuing what they want most. She especially enjoys helping women leaders to tap into their full potential.

In her coaching practice Birgitta brings together the latest of Psychology, Neuroscience, Physiology & Philosophy, mixing it with her business acumen & background in Social Economic History with underpinning technology.

Like other Synergy Global practitioners, Birgitta is dedicated to lifelong learning/Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to stay up to date. She recently graduated as a Certified Team Coach under Prof Peter Hawkins & Prof David Clutterbuck & is part of their first worldwide cohort of team coaches dedicated to building highly effective teams that make a difference.

Her expertise & key interests focus around these 4 themes:

blackEffectiveness Consulting: Helping Board/Execs with Business Alignment/Optimisation, Automation, Marketing/Sales
blackChange Facilitation: Self & Team Leadership – from Raised Awareness to Action Orientation & Improvement
blackExecutive Coaching: Increasing Strategic Confidence using EQ & C-IQ for Value Creation & Greater Impact
blackTeam Coaching: Valuing Diversity & Inclusion (VD&I), Communication, Shared Purpose, Stakeholder Value

In 2012 Birgitta moved with her family from the Netherlands to Australia. With her husband, children & her pets she now lives in Brisbane, QLD, but is also happy to travel across Australia in the service of our clients.

When she is not traveling, she loves playing golf, tennis & hikes up Mount Coo-Tha with her dog. She treats life as one big adventure to be taken with a daily dose of positiveness, a pinch of seriousness & spoonful of laughter.

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