Geoff Hayhow

Bachelor of Education • Creative Arts • Master of Educational Management • Human Resources Management focus

Geoff Hayhow joined Synergy Global in 2019.
After teaching since 1982, Geoff was appointed to roles in student management & wellbeing. He then began to move through the positions of leadership in the Music Faculty, eventually becoming Director of Music, a position he held for 15 years. The music faculty was a team of 13 full time staff & 30 visiting staff in a dynamic program that administered curriculum, co-curricular & instrumental tuition. He showed in that time his ability to lead large teams & develop clear direction for staff & students involved in a vibrant community.

Geoff was awarded the Westfield Premiers Scholarship in 2005, enabling him to travel through USA, Europe & the UK to investigate school & community partnership. This experience enabled him to set up a community youth choir & community performance society.

In 2011 Geoff was successful in an application for the role of Director of People & Culture – the main task in this role was staff development. He instigated a Cognitive Coaching Program via Group 8 Education. The main aspects of the process were student feedback, classroom observation, setting of goals & actions. Senior leaders were coached by the Group 8 Education Facilitator, then Senior Leaders coached a small group of Middle Leaders, who in turn coached a small group of Teachers. Throughout the introduction of this process staff became more comfortable with classroom visits, formed more meaningful professional relationships & discovered better means of communication (giving feedback to colleagues).

During this time Geoff also attended a short course at Monash University developing “Time Limited Mentoring,” listening skills were high on the agenda & the process was on present focus, past focus & future focus. This course enabled further exploration into developing meaningful staff dialogue.

In his role as Director of People & Culture the school has also seen the introduction of a Pedagogista in the Early Learning Centre focussing on the Reggio Emailia Philosophy (an approach is an educational philosophy focused on preschool & primary education. It is a pedagogy described as student-centred & constructivist that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments); a STEAM coach in Upper Primary (taking a leadership role in developing & implementing the School’s technology plan), & 2 Learning Coaches in the Senior School.

Other aspects of Geoff’s role were based around employment & induction of new staff, Performance management, & restructuring in the school where required – he doesn’t shy away from critical conversations enabling positive change.

His key interests focus around these 4 areas of expertise:

blackEffectiveness Consulting: People-centred Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change
blackChange Facilitation: Listening as opposed to telling; Sharing classrooms; & Peer observation
blackLeadership development via effective onboarding/induction with ongoing support
blackThe Art of Conversation

During the last 6yrs Geoff has travelled to Cambodia where he takes part in a workshop with Teachers Across Borders. (Teachers teaching teachers). During this time, he’s been contracted to work in the USA International Schools Network to provide coaching & feedback to Cambodian teachers who are teaching an English program.
Geoff is also a qualified Civil Celebrant working in the area of Weddings & Funerals.

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