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Tesco (UK)

SG - Case Study - Tesco


At Tesco, the philosophy behind Every Little Helps is at the very heart of everything they do. It’s not just a marketing slogan; it’s what makes Tesco different & so successful.


Their issue was similar to many large organisations – staff retention. They wanted a cohesive strategy for values-based leadership that would truly involve & empower their staff, as well as an employee incentive scheme enabling the staff to be recognised for ‘walking the talk’ of the new Tesco values.


Having spoken to staff from all levels, we produced a report with recommendations entitled ‘Living the Values’. This also outlined types of recognition/award schemes, plus benchmarked case studies. We also designed a plan to implement a successful value roll-out based on their belief in “…treating each other with respect, with everyone having an equal opportunity to get on, ensuring Tesco is a great place to work.” They had an ambitious growth plan – moving on from selling groceries to providing anything from loans to mobile phones. Tesco knew that by setting out in all these new directions, they ran the risk of losing their way & that staff engagement would be crucial. So their approach to using their new values as their code of conduct to drive the whole way they do business, became a common philosophy for the organisation.

In summary, the values suggested by staff were accepted by the Board. They were to understand customers better than anyone; to be energetic, innovative & customer focused; to deliver unbeatable value; & to look after staff so they can look after customers. When we explored the recognition issues with staff, their responses were around the theme of ‘treating people how they like to be treated’, which included issues such as building team trust & respect, striving to do their best, giving support & praising more than criticising, sharing knowledge, enjoying work, celebrating success & learning from experience.


Well evaluated facilitated focus groups. ‘Living the Values’ recommendations adopted by Board. Successful plan for ‘values roll out’. An employee incentive scheme linked to each of the identified values. At Tesco people are well managed, & now work in an environment that is based on trust & respect.

They have learnt over the years that well motivated staff give customers excellent service & that by ‘living the values’ they create a great place to work, which has set them apart as an employer of choice.

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