Sam Adkins, Team Leader - NSW

BA (Hons), Adv Dip Hom, Dip Holistic Counselling, Cert Innovation Coaching, ICF ACC.

Sam joined Synergy Global in 2018 as Team Leader -NSW, after working for 15yrs in Health & Wellbeing.
Earlier in her career she was a Marketing Executive with Unilever (UK). Her main achievement was launching the first pan European brand with Elida-Faberge working with 3 other countries; & leading cross-functional teams on key product innovations.

Sam’s work in Health & Wellbeing has been in both the UK & AUS, where she has run several businesses & formulated successful approaches to treating stress & anxiety. As an expert Holistic Counsellor, Sam has treated & improved the lives of countless individuals.

Since becoming an ICF Credentialed Coach in 2014 she has used her knowledge of psychology to bring an insightful approach to both Change Facilitation & Executive Coaching with a wide range of teams. She works transformatively with challenging team issues within the corporate world & builds long-standing relationships with leaders.

A certified Innovation Coach, Sam is trained in disruptive & generative methodologies to foster mindset shifts for adaptive change. She’s also qualified with the Organisational Growth Indicator (OGI) to measure Capability & Capacity for profitability. This tool delivers data that highlights the areas within an organisation, where mindset shifts are required to boost innovation – will positively affecting overall company performance.

She enjoys speaking on diverse topics & delivering a range of Self-Mastery Workshops on Health & Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Resilience & Stress Management. These are customised to your requirements after an initial assessment.

 Her expertise & key interests focus around these 5 themes:

blackEffectiveness Consulting: Corporate Innovation Performance Benchmarking using the OGI*
blackChange Facilitation: Development of High Performing Teams using Socratic Questioning
blackExecutive Coaching: For Boards/Execs & Middle Managers with an in-depth psych approach
blackInnovation Coaching: Identifying & Facilitating Innovation, Capability & Capacity
blackBespoke Holistic Wellbeing Programs: coaching individuals with great results

Sam has dual citizenship (UK/AUS) & lives in Sydney, Australia. When she isn’t working, she enjoys sailing, swimming or spending time by the ocean, walking, meditation & yoga.


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