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Post Merger Organisational Development,
KRON TV, California (US)

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KRON TV, the Bay Area’s News Station, was founded in 1949 in San Francisco, CA. The station does more than 55 hours of local news every week, & it is ranked among the top of local TV station in CA as well as the second of TV station in the USA.


KRON faced the challenge of being acquired by a non-entertainment entity. With potential organisational values misalignment, people in KRON TV were stressed regarding the future of the station & many of the top performers were contacted by recruiters offering better positions in the Bay Area & across the USA.


Synergy Global was retained to work with KRON’s Executive to develop a transition strategy designed to retain top talent during this trying & unclear period. Communication sessions were held with each Division, to ensure timely & accurate disclosure of information as available from the acquiring company. The intention was to allow people to make stay/go decisions based on the most current, verifiable information & not on rumours or assumptions. One particular tactic introduced was the practice of no question goes unanswered – both verbally & written – staff were encouraged to exercise & test the practice.


Anticipated exodus of top talent did not occur. The main news & entertainment presenters stayed with the station during the transition. Of particular note was that the normal turnover rate actually declined, strongly reflecting that sense of ‘security’ people gained with the amount & type of information being provided by station leadership.

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