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KPMG Future Leaders Program: Case Study & Testimonials

SG - Clients - KPMG Future Leaders Program  - 14 Oct 2015


KPMG is a leading provider of audit, tax & advisory services, offering industry insight to help organisations negotiate risks & perform in dynamic & challenging business environments.

With their global presence, KPMG continues to build on a clear vision, maintain values & above all bring out the best in people. The firm recognises that their vibrant culture is a critical part of how they do business. This culture is made up of staff attitudes & behaviours, which reflect shared values, experiences & aspirations.

They were one of the first firms to recognise that collective behaviours influence the ways in which people interact with clients, colleagues & the broader community. This has led to KPMG becoming one of the world’s leading professional services networks, comprising >135,000 people in >140 countries. KPMG in AUS employs around 6,700 people, with >400 Partners & operates in 13 cities across the country. Their success depends on Valuing Diversity & Inclusion (VD&I) – nurturing great individual talent & providing an environment where people can flourish personally & professionally.


KMPG recognises that successful professional careers demand Continuous Professional Development (CPD), at all levels, including Executives, to make them feel challenged & inspired. The Partner Development Team recognised the necessity to develop Partners to ensure their continued growth, career progression & thereby, maximum their contribution. They asked SG to help them develop a Future Leaders Program, underpinned with ICF Credentialed Exec Coaching. Our partnership approach ensured measurable outcomes to assess RoI & used a Values & Strengths-based approach, including a robust 360 psychometric instrument (Human Synergistics LSI I & II™), with 2 cohorts pa.


black Partners generally worked towards operating more effectively across all service lines, engaging on a collaborative basis with leaders locally, regionally & internationally – focusing on working with agile skills for a VUCA World.
black Individual foundation values (aligned to KPMG values) were clarified, underpinning measurable goals, which were documented & shared on a confidential Exec Coaching Agreement (ECA), between the Coachee, Sponsor & Coach.
black We worked through the components each Partner would need for their future career path to be as ‘perfect’ as possible over a 3-5yr period, building on their values, strengths, experience & aspirations – especially helping others.
black The Partners used the confidential Executive Coaching sessions to explore a range of business & individual priorities regarding their development, plus how they intended to address agreed business imperatives going forward.


black Recognising & dealing effectively with the pressure caused by the volume & construction of their workloads. By identifying where they might see things/approach issues differently, they were able to recognise & address sources of stress. With this knowledge, while the same external events were happening, the coaching enabled participants to better manage the ‘waves’ of work, starting from a position of equanimity (i.e. accepting problems with more composure & not adversely reacting to them. This provided increased thinking time for more effective leadership).
black Engaging in deep contemplation (behavioural reflective practice) on the results from their psychometric tests, also helped prioritisation & saved the Partners (plus their teams) valuable energy/time & $. Over the course of the program, the Partners chose to rationalise their workloads & streamline the number of roles in which they could provide best value to clients, staff & the organisation. They began to receive positive feedback from a wide range of people regarding their working relationships & leadership style. HR/OD also helped support this behavioural change.

Senior Partner quote from the end of the program:

“In a nutshell the Synergy Global ‘system’ works. So well, that I’m about to arrange for several my fellow Partners
to undertake their flexible program, assisting us in ensuring KPMG continues to be the best firm to work with.
My coach was Heather-Jane Gray & I highly recommend her to other Partners who wish to work on complex issues.”
Ralph Ferguson, Senior Partner, MMA, KPMG, AUS

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