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SG - Clients - Board Leadership & Team Development - COPDEND - 25 Jun 2015


COPDEND comprises the Postgrad Dental Deans & Directors of Dentistry in the English Deaneries, together with their 3 colleagues for Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales.


At present they all manage Dental Vocational Training, Hospital Training for the Dental Specialites (as well as Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) & Continuing Professional Development for all dentists within the framework of the NHS budgets provided for these purposes. In addition, they have a supportive role in returning & retraining dentists (including overseas dentists, refugees, asylum seekers & poorly performing dentists). Also, the Deans will soon to be responsible for all post-qualification education & training of Professionals Complementary to Dentistry. They are all passionately involved in activities which result in improved patient care through postgraduate education & training, including the educational aspects of audit & evidence-based dental care. Given their working part-time as Deans & having other important roles as senior health practitioners, they are keen to ‘work smarter rather than harder’. They contacted Synergy Global as a well respected effectiveness practice to help them with some Board Leadership & Team Development.


Over the years, COPDEND had built tremendously strong personal & professional relationships with each other as well as key stakeholders outside of the group. They were also extremely capable & hard working professionals, caught in the middle of the politics between academic life & major NHS modernisation & restructuring. Given workload pressures, we focused on re-establishing strategic priorities such as policy development & stakeholder partnerships; Early Years Training for Dentists (including Vocational Training Programs); Career Development & Formal Pathways; Lifelong Learning & Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Dental Teams; Recruitment & Retention (including induction, top up training & international issues such as equivalence); supporting poorly performing dental professionals; R&D for Post Grad Dentistry & Educational Effectiveness; & Quality Assurance/Governance (including financial probity).


Well evaluated sessions on Action Orientation & Planning; Leading Change Effectively; Performance Management; Dealing with Difficult Behaviour with more than Rapport; Communication Styles; Gaining Cooperation & Senior Support; Unblocking Communication; Performance Management; Advanced Presentation Skills for Selling Ideas (especially to committees). An Introduction to the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); plus some interactive exercises on major issues for postgraduate dental education. Over the course of several modules we also addressed the COPDEND vision & completed some Board/team observation & feedback for sustainable change, role-modelling the use of the Synergy Behavioural Change Feedback Model.

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