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The VET Development Centre (VDC) was established in 2005 by the Victorian Government to promote the development & raise the professional standing of people working in the Vocational Education & Training (VET) Sector. VDC delivers & facilitates VIC Government funded continuing professional learning & evaluation activities to the VIC VET workforce. The VDC specialises in providing fee for service continuing professional learning webinars, workshops, & seminars well as customised consultancy to the Australian VET Sector.


VDC was provided funding from the Department of Education & Training VIC (DEET) to upskill teachers in Vocational Training. The funding was targeted at instructional staff in private RTO’s & TAFE settings. The client requested advice around how best to develop a program which would support participants as well as ensuring upskilling completion. The program was available to all appropriate staff.


A Synergy Global Effectiveness Consultant worked with Martin Powell, CEO of VDC to develop a program which provided participants with funding, supportive coaching & mentoring to assist successful Tertiary Qualifications ranging from Diplomas to Masters Degrees relevant to their specific training area within their organisation. The program was implemented over a 2 year period with 40 participants. Each participant attended bespoke SG workshops; received individual support; & received an individualised Coaching & Mentoring Program (15hrs).


DEECD funded 2 cohorts of 20 participants (with individual applications) over a two year period. Of the 40 participants, 85% completed their chosen Tertiary Qualifications. Of this, 75% of study area was above degree level with the majority at Post-Graduate & Masters level.
A thorough external evaluation of the program was undertaken with 95% of participants rating the program as ‘highly beneficial’; 100% of participants reported that the Coaching & Mentoring Program was “at a very high standard” & “essential for their completion.” For those who did not complete their studies, it was still reported that the Coaching & Mentoring Program “provided outstanding support to them during the program”.

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