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The VET Development Centre (VDC) was established in 2005 by the Victorian Government to promote the development & raise the professional standing of people working in the Vocational Education & Training (VET) Sector. VDC delivers & facilitates VIC Government funded continuing professional learning & evaluation activities to the VIC VET workforce. The VDC specialises in providing fee for service continuing professional learning webinars, workshops, & seminars well as customised consultancy to the Australian VET Sector.


VDC was provided funding from the Department of Education & Training VIC (DEET) to upskill teachers in Vocational Training. The funding was targeted at instructional staff in private RTO’s & TAFE settings. The client requested advice around how best to develop a program which would support participants as well as ensuring upskilling completion. The program was available to all appropriate staff.


Synergy Global Effectiveness Consultant worked with Martin Powell, CEO of VDC to develop a program which provided participants with funding, supportive coaching & mentoring to assist successful Tertiary Qualifications ranging from Diplomas to Masters Degrees relevant to their specific training area within their organisation. The program was implemented over a 2 year period with 40 participants. Each participant attended bespoke SG workshops; received individual support; & received an individualised Coaching & Mentoring Program (15hrs).


DEECD funded 2 cohorts of 20 participants (with individual applications) over a two year period. Of the 40 participants, 85% completed their chosen Tertiary Qualifications. Of this, 75% of study area was above degree level with the majority at Post-Graduate & Masters level.
A thorough external evaluation of the program was undertaken with 95% of participants rating the program as ‘highly beneficial’; 100% of participants reported that the Coaching & Mentoring Program was “at a very high standard” & “essential for their completion.” For those who did not complete their studies, it was still reported that the Coaching & Mentoring Program “provided outstanding support to them during the program”.

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