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School Review & Strategic Planning: Nagambie Primary School


Nagambie Primary School is a rural school of approximately 155 students & 18 staff. The school is located in a town situated near the Goulburn River & beautiful Lake Nagambie just off the Goulburn Valley Highway between Seymour & Shepparton.
The school has been at the heart of the community for >130yrs. Its motto is ‘We work together with our families & community so that our children achieve personal, social & academic success’.The vision is ‘to encourage children to be the best they can be’ & our values are cooperation, tolerance, responsibility, respect, self-discipline, consideration, pride & confidence.


The newly appointed Principal was to undertake a Cyclic School Review & develop a new 3 year Strategic Plan for the school under Department of Education & Training VIC (DET) processes. He was appointed externally from the school so had the challenge of integrating into the staff, establishing new expectations & reviewing the past 3 years of an organisation he knew little.


A Synergy Global Effectiveness Consultant was appointed to provide support for the Principal whilst he undertook the above challenge. We worked for 18mths for > 50hrs of face-to-face consultancy, with both Principal & staff. Together they undertook an Individualised Coaching Program focusing on People Management, Cultural Change & Date Informed Decision-making. An Individualised 360̊ Principal Leadership Profile was used, along with a Staff Needs Analysis Survey, plus a Parent Opinion Survey & a thorough analysis of student achievement data. This comprehensive information, formed the basis for a Bespoke Change Leadership Program including staff workshops to co-create a new strategic direction of the school, underpinned with 30hrs of Executive Coaching & Change Facilitation.


After the explicit focus on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), there were many measures of success.
blackSchool Review & New Strategic Plan highly praised by Regional (DET) Leaders.
blackPrincipal gained a better understanding of data informed decision-making (now integral to overall improvement).
blackStaff Survey results improved: 95% staff ‘highly satisfied’ with ‘role clarity, leadership support & staff morale.’
blackParent Opinion Survey results improved: 95% parents ‘highly satisfied’ with culture, student outcomes, communication
blackStudent Achievement results skyrocketed from below State Level to ‘above both State & Same School’ in both Literacy & Numeracy. Data Sets of School-based NAPLAN were highly consistent indicating improved ‘consistent judgement’.

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