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Large Scale Facilitation, Dept of Education VIC – Southern Region



The Dept of Education & Early Childhood Department (DEECD)is responsible for ensuring the provision of children’s services & public education throughout Victoria. Their key functions are: to set the direction for education & care in VIC, to ensure the state’s education system is well positioned; to deliver high quality education & care through coordinated leadership by implementing the strategic plan; to integrate policy development in collaboration with key stakeholders; to plan for an effective workforce to meet current & future requirements.


The role of DEECD is to provide quality education for all students. They manage the state’s education system, delivering & regulating high quality preschool, primary & secondary education services; ensuring each child receives relevant & appropriate education aligned with their individual needs. The client planned a large scale facilitation of a curriculum program catering for high achieving students as it had been identified these students were not being catered for effectively. Teachers were to be trained & upskilled in leading edge research & strategies to ensure they could better cater for these students within the classroom setting. The Program was tagged ‘Bright Futures’.


A Synergy Global Effectiveness Consultants & Change facilitator worked with the Central Professional Development Department of DEECD. The program involved facilitating over 600 Teachers in the Southern Region of DEECD, training them to implement new strategies withing the classroom in differentiating the curriculum for high achieving students & in extension, all students. The project also providing ongoing support & resource provision from the Consultant to all Teachers in implementing this new pedagogy shift.


This new pedagogy shift, although targeting high achieving students was the inception of many of the later highly successful curriculum shifts such a differentiating the curriculum; early years numeracy & literacy research plus, action-learning. It definitely changed the landscape of meeting student’s individual needs & the current focus in education in Victoria. On the ground, teachers approach within the classroom were significant changed – especially evident in the data sets within schools – showing a broader & more even spread of student achievement.This indicated that teachers were assessing & monitoring student outcome more explicitly & accurately.

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