Jacqueline Wilson, Team Leader – CAN

Honours Business Administration (HBA), Ivey School of Business, CAN, ICD (Institute of Corporate Directors) NfP Governance Essentials, Cert. in Organisational Coaching, University of British Columbia, CAN, ICF ACC, Cert. Coach in Foundations of Great Coaching & Accelerating Coaching Excellence (ACE).

Jacqueline joined Synergy Global as our Team Leader – BC, CAN in 2021. She founded her own coaching practice to help create a world where women can confidently & authentically rise in leadership, making powerful waves – leading the way to a more just & equitable future.

Over the past 4yrs she has coached many women leaders & discovered a commonality in the way they doubt themselves & feel that they are not enough. So, she is following her passion with SG to support brilliant women to locate their inherent power & claim what matters most in their careers/lives.

Jacqueline is an accomplished & skilled business leader leader who throughout her 20yr career, has always been respected for her strategic perspective, excellent people/communication skills, & her ability to deliver successful, measurable results.

As an Organisational Generalist (OD) Generalist, she brings a strategic lens/perspective to any client challenge. After graduation on the Dean’s List for the University of Western Ontario’s Ivey’s School of Business, she began her career in Product Marketing. She played key leadership roles in sales, project management, system/process re-design & organisational effectiveness.
Her industry experience & major achievement are as follows:
black Telecomms: Led project team to successful launch of new products
black IT: Led process re-engineering to reduce customer complaints by 50%
black Consumer Goods: As Product Manager grew sales/profits every year
black Marketing: Led team delivering software to improve client service

Jacqueline also has a heart for her community. For the past 20yrs she has been a leader in tackling the challenges of homelessness, addiction, violence against women & access to education for women. As a Board Director & Chair, she has been able to bring her business expertise & the community’s desire for social change together – helping to create a lasting impact, which she has found personally rewarding.

Her expertise & key interests focus around these 3 themes:
black Effectiveness Consulting: Focusing on the NfP Sector – training & mentoring Community Boards in the delicate art of embracing more of a business approach in furthering their social mandate; helping them to lead change that sticks.
black Change Facilitation: Change Leadership Workshops (CLW) focusing on supporting team’s collaborative skills – helping them with more creative problem-solving – resulting in more innovative solutions with improved engagement.
black Executive Coaching: Women’s Leadership – connecting to what matters most, by cutting through ‘mental noise’, increasing self-awareness & confidence to act, mapping out an Action Plan to get them to the next level in career/life.

Jacqueline has dual Canadian/UK citizenship & lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband & 3 children. Her interests include floral arranging, creating warm entertaining spaces, sewing, knitting & singing. She is a Health & Wellbeing (H&W) fitness enthusiast & also enjoys nature walks with her dog, tennis, bike riding, travel & music.

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