Need Creativity? Don’t Fence Me In

Need Creativity? Don’t Fence Me In

Executive Coaching

Need Creativity? Don’t Fence Me In

Executive Coaching

“Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, Don’t fence me in…”

We can all identify with Bing Crosby’s lament of feeling constrained by our busy lives. Sadly, this comes at the expense of one of our most valuable abilities as human beings & that is being creative.

How does one become more creative?

After acknowledging the value & need for new ideas to drive your career or business, one idea is to be 100% committed to the outcome you desire.

When you have this, then it is time to do a reality check of where you are now & how you got there.

• Allow yourself to think big.

• Be aware of recycling thoughts or ideas – are these wasting energy & are uncreative?

This clears the way to refining your ideas & then developing a stepwise path to something truly creative.

Many of us put up barriers, thinking of obstacles that will stop us in our tracks. We are in fact, creating our own fences – too little time, too many other things to do. Ask yourself what would you do if you weren’t afraid of failure or pressed for time & then commit to the ideal outcome of your idea. You might be surprised by how uplifting this reality based optimism can be.

Although some of us are more innately geared to be creative – we all have some capacity to think of something brilliant so jump those fences, clear the decks & give yourself a chance to be creative.

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