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All Work & No Play

All Work & No Play

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All Work & No Play

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Have you ever had that feeling of guilt because your four-da holiday could have been spent getting up to date on that paper your boss needs or leaving on time to meet an old friend who’s in town when you could have been finishing a project off?

Of course, work duties are important, but maybe your leisure time should get the same level of consideration. If you’re feeling tired, burned out & uninspired it’s time to chill out & re-energize. Pay attention to those feelings – it’s your body telling you it’s time to take a break.

Ask yourself:

What is going to help me achieve my goals?

What is going to help me stay motivated?

Am I functioning at my best – &, if not, why not?

The odds are that a holiday will ground you, fulfil you & give your brain a break allowing your natural creativity to recharge. You’ll come back to work with more pizazz than ever! Even that couple of hours catching up with a friend over a coffee or a nice glass of wine is a way of letting your ‘work brain’ get some rest.

It may not be possible to take a holiday or convenient to go out & meet a friend, but you do need some strategies for allowing your brain to recharge.

 Take a short walk to stretch your legs in your lunch break, even if it’s just around the block

 Eat a strawberry or an apple & pause to enjoy the taste & texture

 Get up from your desk & catch up with a colleague or make a coffee.

 Even a little gentle filing can use a different part of your brain & you’ll find your creativity will suddenly spring back into action!

It’s all about taking a holistic approach to work. Work/life balance is important, but it’s hard to keep these two in balance if the culture of your workplace isn’t conducive to paying attention to each individual’s needs. It’s up to you to work out how to keep yourself operating at your best.

Attention to health & wellbeing is the best way to achieve business goals & high performance. Sometimes it’s important to change organisational culture for sustainable success.

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