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William Buist


Chartered Insurer, ACII;
Bachelor of Science (St A), Bachelor of Science (Open)

William joined Synergy Global in 2012, as Team Leader – Europe, after a career in Insurance, serving as the Head of Business Risk Management and Chief Underwriter for Lloyds TSB. During his insurance career he also engaged in a number of consultations with Government on behalf of insurance industry bodies. In 2004 he formed Abelard as a consultancy to provide ‘Clarity Strategy and Implementation’ capability for businesses of all sizes.

William personally focuses on developing a clear understanding of business models
and plans for clients to give crystal clear clarity before developing marketing, sales
and operational strategies with effective implementation and delivery capability. He is a collaboration expert who can support the transition of teams from formation to cohesive collaborative and high performance.

William has been working with social media tools since 2004 and is an authority in their use for small business marketing and referral strategies, communications, analysis, customer service and research. ‘Doing things digital’ and leveraging the opportunities from technology are passions of his. William is also no stranger to the public arena and is a regular guest speaker at conferences and corporate events.

His consultancy expertise/key interests focus around these 5 themes:
Business Optimisation: Vision and Strategy Clarification, Development and Implementation
black Behavioural Change and Developing Productive Cross Cultural/Functional (often Virtual) Teams
black Personal Business Mentoring for Individual Team and Organisational Effectiveness
black Community Development, Innovative Issue Resolution and Action Orientation
black Goal Realisation through effective Capability Development

William also works with young people through the Bristol Young Talent Program an innovative inter-school business challenge for A level students, challenging them to improve their employability skills and practical business knowledge.

In 2008 William worked with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and was a co-author of their report‘Coping with Climate Change’ where he wrote about sustainability in relation to insurance. This report has become the mainstay of the insurance industries current position in relation to the challenges of climate change and has influenced policy development significantly for, and beyond, the insurance sector.

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