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Terri Werner

MS/ABS in OD; Newfield Network Certified Ontological Coach; trained in Brain-based Coaching by the NeuroLeadership Institute
Credentialed to teach Enlightened Leadership, The Magic of Conflict, &
SOAR–Success Through Observer-Action-Results. Qualified to use: Drexler-Sibbett High-Performing Teams Model; MBTI-Myers Briggs Type Indicator; EQ-I 2.0, EQ360; FIRO-B; TKI-Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument, KGI-Klein Group Instrument.

Terri joined Synergy Global in 2015 – after nearly 30yrs consulting to individuals & teams desiring change. She holds a Master’s in OD including a Fellowship in Change Management (Johns Hopkins University); is an ICF-credentialed coach, who is trained to use a wide range of assessment tools. She enjoys working with clients who want to be creative, efficient & effective, while feeling relaxed, powerful & happy. She believes that individual transformation is the key to resolving conflict, developing leaders, building teams & implementing successful change. She guides people to useful wisdom, skills, hope & confidence to thrive in our stressful, changing times.

She has worked with executives, scientists, engineers, military, faculty, lawyers, prison inmates, health professionals, police, clergy, non-profit boards, & builders. She has created new training & OD departments for two University of Maryland campuses, providing education, consulting, & team facilitation in a way that influenced campus-wide cultural change – contributing to UMBC becoming one of the “great colleges to work for” for the past six years. At UMBC, she led a team that created a holistic, collaborative health & wellness initiative - presenting this cross-functional approach at the inaugural Building Healthy Academic Communities National Summit in 2013.

Her expertise & key interests focus around these 5 themes:
black Creating High Performance Organisational Cultures
black Executive Coaching for Behavioural Change
black Developing Highly Effective Teams
black Conversational, Relational & Emotional Competencies; including Conflict Resolution
black Transformative ‘Way of Being’ Change that leads to Breakthrough Results

Terri also led a team of volunteers who facilitate an emotional literacy & personal empowerment program in a medium security men’s prison. This powerful rehabilitation program encourages prisoners to take responsibility for their behaviour, change life-long patterns of violence & addiction, plus build productive lives. She uses her unique combination of knowledge about neuroscience, health, leadership & change to facilitate processes that help individuals & teams design a way of being that enables them to accomplish their goals faster & easier - with less stress & more enjoyment. Her approach works in any type of issue, organisation & industry - ideal clients are ‘triple bottom line’, valuing financial, social & environmental results. All Synergy Global programs are tailored to unique client needs & designed to ensure sustainable learning plus results.

What people love most about Terri is how she connects with both her head & her heart, creates safe space, uses a holistic interdisciplinary approach to educate, & facilitates toward solutions. She inspires people to believe in their capability & have the courage to try the previously unimaginable.

Terri currently lives with her husband in Bucharest, Romania. She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Women’s Association (IWA).

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