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Tony Baafi

Bachelor of Science;
PhD Candidate (Brunel University) – Researching into the Benefits of Employee Engagement

Tony joined Synergy Global as Team Leader – SMEs and Business Development in 2015. He has an entrepreneurial background, as the co-founder of a consortium of three business service companies: The first, is a management consultancy and training firm that specialises in the delivery of holistic solutions, helping corporations to achieve industry dominance. The second is a London-based procurement agency specialising in the importation of great quality tiles from a range of suppliers in Italy. The third is a multimedia advertising company that produces visual art, web development, branding consultancy and multimedia products for businesses/individuals.

Several years before his earliest endeavours in business, Tony worked for a global non-profit organisation as the team trainer on behavioural change and people development, where he won awards for outstanding leadership and team building. His first foray into business began in 2009, when he began importing men’s suits from Italy to the UK. After several years of success in this endeavour, he launched a building and property maintenance company ProspectService, where he oversaw all aspects of the strategy, growth and operations. As the owner, he grew this business from 2 to 21 full-time staff members. His company refurbished and maintained multi-million pound commercial and residential properties in some of the UK cities and towns. Since then he’s consulted in a range of industries including steel, IT, events management, sound engineering and entertainment.

Tony is passionate about adding value and insight to professional teams – seeking to do so in many different ways. For instance he’s a co-creator/host of the TV program Business Intelligence (SKY 586). This educational series reaches over 100 million homes worldwide each week and teaches viewers about effective business development and management for growth. Due to the popularity of this program, he now delivers seminars on entrepreneurship and business development.

Tony is currently working towards his PhD, by exploring the cost effectiveness and ROI of people engagement practices. He’s also co-authored a self-published book on personal growth, entitled Manifesting Greatness: Keys to Unleashing Your Full Potential. He’s currently focusing on business development, with a passion for helping clients to solve their problems.

Tony’s expertise and key areas of interest areas in consultancy:
Leadership – strategy development and deployment
black Strategic marketing – building successful sales teams
black Operational excellence – for innovation and agility
black Individual, team and organisational development for ROI

Tony has diverse experiences in business, but for the past three years he has focused on giving organisations the insights they need to optimise their performance and develop their leadership potential.

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