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Board Execs: Purpose & Strategy

Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change

Our SG Consultants have a wealth of experience at Board/Executive level, to help you address the challenges of our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) World – we can also help you to seize the many opportunities.

When creating/updating your values-based vision & clarity of direction our expert team of ICF-credentialed Coach Facilitators help you with the strategic integration of your Vision/Purpose (‘To Be’), Mission/Strategy (‘To Do’) & Brand/Reputation (‘To Feel’).

Strategic planning requires a knowledge & use of holistic Systems Thinking with an agile Growth Mindset for successfully cultural alignment. This will provide an inspiring model for your key stakeholders to engage with more creatively & own innovative actions for implementation.

It can be tough at the top & we can help you work through the following:

• Organisational Development (OD) Audits
• Strategic Planning along with Corporate Communications
• Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Policies
• Process Mapping & Systems Improvement
• Exec & NED Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
• Cost Effective OD Outsourcing (FCPHR)

Every organisation is different & every bespoke solution is designed for clients, focused on what will work in your market to give you competitive advantage.
Book a no obligation Complementary Consult to discuss issues in confidence with our Chief Executive – you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved within budget.

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Change Leadership & Development

Change Leadership & Development

Great leaders not only support their teams, they inspire each person to be their best. A few people have natural leadership skills, but most managers learn them to enable organisational success. Ensure that your key change agents are ready to lead in this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) World.
High Performing Teams (HPTs)

High Performing Teams (HPTs)

Based on Carl Jung’s Personality Types & Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Universal Human Needs, the 4-D System assesses individual’s decision-making preference (style), behaviours, needs, & team/family culture.
ICF Credentialed Executive Coaching


How are you & your team doing with this Covid-19 Pandemic? If you’re looking for an experienced Change Facilitator to educate or inspire action (face-to-face/webinars), please consider our first class team.
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