Susie Tatum, Team Leader – IL, USA

BS Business Administration (Finance), Conversational Intelligence® C-IQ Certified Coach, Business Coach, ACI Certified Confidence Coach

Susie Tatum joined Synergy Global in 2019 as Team Leader – IL, USA. Specialising in Executive Coaching & Peer Group Processing. She grew up in a small town of less than 4000 people – studying at the University of Nebraska, Susie received her BS in Business Administration, with a Finance Degree.

During her junior year of college, her father committed suicide after suffering from excruciating pain due to a form of shingles in his eye, & a horrific car accident, resulting in severe head trauma. Susie rose above her own loss by having close friends, faith & challenging herself to “get through it” with strength & courage. Within weeks of her Dad’s death, she became a University of Nebraska Cheerleader. The fruit of her learned wisdom was a heart to serve others, to listen, to encourage, teach & give… to go beyond.

After college, Susie entered the corporate finance world. She eventually moved to Chicago, IL as a Broker & at the 27 became Vice President for one of the largest international insurance companies, now known as Willis Corp. She specialised in commercial property & casualty insurance for mid-size corps, banks & financial institutions. Susie was one of very few women brokers in the corporate commercial insurance industry at that time, with a mind focused on excellence, not gender.

Susie has owned her own wellness business, leading a small team. An avid runner, she has completed many races, from 5k Fun Runs to the Chicago Marathon. She loves to golf, exercise, play tennis, garden & read. She’s also an artist & classical pianist. Along her own journey, she’s committed to helping others fulfill a life of wholeness (Intellectual/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual) to support a balanced life.

Susie has always been a visionary goal-setter & motivator. She’s thankful to have been given the gift of leadership, along with other important strengths, to be the best coach she can be, in order to serve clients. Through the Christian Coach Institute (CCI), Susie attained qualifications as a Life Coaching & Behaviour Therapy Consultant. Her life experiences/who she is, & traditional education, has equipped her well as a Consultant/Facilitator/Coach/Author/Speaker.

Susie believes the human spirit is amazing, the mind is more powerful than we can even imagine & that we can strive to be individuals with wisdom, guiding us beyond our wildest dreams. She is passionate about helping people be the best they can be; working side-by-side with them to achieve goals – for more effective leadership, greater success, & increased quality of life. As an excellent Executive Coach, Susie expects peak performance from her clients & herself.

Her expertise & key interests focus around these 5 themes:
black Effectiveness Consulting: People-centred Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change
black Change Facilitation: Leadership Development & High Performing Teams using Action Learning
black Executive Coaching: Holistic Life Coaching for Health & Wellbeing (including Spiritual Coaching)
black Conversational Intelligence® C-IQ Certified Coach – the Neuroscience of Communication

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