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Sanjana Jayakumar

Bachelors in Computer Science, Masters in IS Information Systems Professional Computing (Current)

Sanjana Jayakumar joined Synergy Global’s Graduate Finishing Program in 2019, as an Effectiveness Intern - ICT.

She is an international student from Bangalore, India, currently pursuing her Master’s in Information Systems Professional Computing at Swinburne University in Australia.

Sanjana graduated from K.S Institute of Technological with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Then, she moved to Australia as her academics helped her in opting the suitable course for Master’s which eventually grasped her attention & interest towards Information Systems & Business Analysis. She believes in “You have to believe in yourself, challenge yourself, & push yourself until the very end; that's the only way you'll succeed”.

Sanjana brings with her creative skills, time management skills, hard working skills, high-level customer service skills, leadership skills & communication skills from the work experience gained at IBM. She is successful in maintaining work/personal life balance. During her Bachelor’s study, she had organised workshops, presentation & personality development sessions.

While pursuing her Masters, Sanjana worked at Swinburne University of Technology for a graduate role on a casual basis where she managed & performed ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) operations on the database that had more than 1 million scientific publications, journals & articles published. Sanjana’s shown interest in Digital Business Analysing, Marketing & understanding the application of Business Analysis in Information Systems (IS) issues. She has also undertaken a couple of Enterprise Systems units that give her an understanding of the integration of business functions of IS/ IT. She has fluency in Office 365, MS Office, Weka, Basics of C, C++, HTML, MySQL, NLTK (Natural Language Tool Kit) & Python Languages, gained during her studies.

She was engaged in Basketball all the way from childhood until her early 20's which helped her be physically & mentally fit. She was also engaged in delivering paper presentations & being an emcee at various ceremonies. This involvement helped her to be confident behind the screen & on the stage. She is fluent in her English, Kannada & Hindi (Native language) & at Intermediate Level in the German language.

The Key Professional Interests she is focusing on during her Effectiveness Internship are:

blackLearning about the field of Digital Marketing & Digital Business Analysis
blackUnderstanding how to market SG key services using Digital Marketing
blackGaining more knowledge by using distinctive tools/methods for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
blackCreating a Professional Role Profile, Individual Performance Plan (IPP) & Personal Development Plan (PDP)
blackUse the SG Competency Framework to develop more confidence in my competences/capability as a Masters Intern
blackAssisting with Business Development - including prospect analysis from LI/building client relationships at Synergy Global & transferring my skills to the team
blackExercising daily Reflective Practice

Sanjana currently lives in Mount Waverley, a homely suburb in South of the of Melbourne, VIC. Her hobbies are Photography & Leaf Collecting (Foliage).

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