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The Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust, established in 1998, is based in Chelsea, London & at Harefield, near Uxbridge, Middlesex. The Trust was the result of a successful merger between two hospitals & is now the largest postgrad cardiothoracic centre in Europe. Understandably, mergers take a while to settle down & culturally both hospital staffing teams remained subtly different & not always willing to change as fast as management required to meet stretching new government targets.


In 2003 the Board at RBH felt that medical consultants were often expected to lead large clinical directorates without any management education. They were expert in their clinical fields but lacked formal training in strategic planning, values-based leadership, emotional intelligence (EQ), influencing skills, dealing with difficult people, conflict resolution, performance management, stress management, time management, & the motivation of multidisciplinary teams.


Synergy Global  interviewed 28 senior clinicians & with their help, designed a flexible program to meet their needs whilst not detracting from their busy schedules. The resulting modular program is underpinned by appropriate theory, with lots of interactive exercises. We used the NHS Leadership Quality Framework (LQF) competences, with optional 360 feedback, additional reading, role-play & executive coaching, to ensure sustainable behavioural change.


Attendance was on a voluntary basis & as leaders in their field, management stated that the best evaluation would be their continued participation. The clinicians not only stayed but actively participated in designing the program & encouraging other colleagues to contribute to ongoing action learning. The program was rigorously evaluated & accredited by The Royal Colleges & expanded to include a second cohort of consultants.

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