Organisational Audits

Exploring the metrics

Gut instinct is very powerful – and many top decision-makers rely on it as a guide, especially under pressure. However, metrics provide hard evidence and make rationalising decisions to managers throughout the organisation much easier.

Organisational Audits provide valuable info that enables your organisation to grow and succeed.

  • Strategic Integration (HR/OD) – turning decisions into action whilst engaging people and creating structure and systems that deliver high quality results (eg. Valuing diversity and inclusion).
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) – embedding a culture that focuses on CQI requires support at every level, particularly if you want staff to be active participants.
  • Risk Management – every organisation has issues, eg. losing key personnel or disasters. Developing a means of managing a variety of risks gives your organisation strength.
  • Technical Excellence – (‘Getting it Right’) continously improving products/services.
    Reviewing organisational systems and processes to improve their effectiveness at all levels.
  • Customer Care – (‘Doing it Nicely’) the lifeblood of every organisation is the ‘customers’.
    An action plan to turn customers into fans will have a direct impact on your bottom line.
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