Max Dumais, Team Leader – Lateral/Design Thinking with ZING

BA, Dip Social Studies, Post Grad Dip Public Policy, Certified de Bono Trainer in Parallel & Lateral Thinking 

Max Dumais joined Synergy Global as a Team Leader in 2006.
He is a well-experienced thinker, facilitator & project catalyst, Max set up the De Bono Institute (AUS) based on the Lateral Thinking methods of Dr Edward de Bono & was the Centre’s CEO for 6 years. He is now Master Facilitator/Trainer using ZING® an electronic meeting system.

His background includes experience in Local & State Governments as Mayor/Councillor & as the Ministerial Advisor for the Minister for Police & Emergency Services. His leadership roles include being the Executive Director of Philanthropy Australia, the Volunteer Resource Centre & the Darwin Disaster Welfare Council following Cyclone Tracy.

He builds connections easily & has a facility for gaining rapport quickly with large groups. Overall, he has a broad-brush perspective which is imaginative & innovative. Initial communication training for the priesthood & subsequent practice has equipped him well to promote a cause or ideas with sincerity, wit & intelligence in ways that clearly communicate an audience’s ideas.

Max brings to any facilitation:

blackA clever & quick-witted mind coupled with articulate & expressive communication skills
blackEasy rapport, inspiring others to excel – coupled with the ability to put concepts together
blackA level of wisdom that has come from the experience of an intelligent, enthusiastic thinker
blackA presence that engenders confidence & trust – also projecting a level of compassion
blackSkill in weaving Values-based Visions together expressively, particularly in concrete terms
blackAn ability to engage others in a sense of urgency regarding addressing mission/strategy issues
blackCapacity as a natural leader who can accept responsibility for outcome & deliver on them

Max specialises in helping individuals, organisations & companies unleash the power of their people, to think their way to success. His focus is particularly on the interface between technology & collaborative thinking, using ZING® Technology which supports faster learning for accelerated innovation & cultural change.

Examples of applying ZING® to solve problems more creatively include the following:

1) Recruitment Advertising: Identifying factors in recruiting the right staff for the right job.
blackClient Issue: How to compete for the right staff within a competitive market & retain them
blackSolution & Outcomes/Metrics: Focus groups across council divisions to determine attractors & issues of importance in retaining people in key positions to reduce staff turnover

2) Community Safety: Engaging stakeholders in identifying personal safety issues & solutions
blackClient Issue: Addressing this issue as part of a Council’s Community Plan
blackSynergy Solution & Outcomes/Metrics: Series of facilitated workshops using Zing® Technology with a cross-section of stakeholders to develop implementable solutions

3) Australian Fabians Inc Submission to Gov: Related to desirable Services for Senior Citizens
blackClient Issue: Improving policy initiatives for senior citizens e.g. transport, housing, disabilities
blackSynergy Solution & Outcomes/Metrics: Facilitated a workshop with 40 people from the age cohort & covered a range of relevant concerns/issues as the basis for the Gov. submission

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