Jenna Cawthary, Team leader - WA

Bachelor of Commerce (Management)

Jenna Cawthray joined Synergy Global as a Team Leader – WA, AUS in 2020.
She grew up in Perth, Western Australia & in 2014 relocated independently to Victoria to complete her Bachelor’s Degree at The University of Melbourne. In 2017, she secured a Grad role with Australia’s retail juggernaut, Coles. For 1yr she was supported to develop her strategic planning & commercial acumen skills as a Buying/Trading Manager for one of the organisation’s largest portfolios of $10m/wk.

With a passion for driving Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), she has studied the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy & represented the Coles Liquor Department as a Subject Matter Expert of merchandise for a national store renewal project.

It was from this contribution, that she realised her interest & aptitude for Systems/Process Improvement - she particularly enjoyed leveraging the strengths of a wide & diverse team of colleagues to achieve collective goals.
It also presented an opportunity to develop confidence in her capabilities & greater awareness of her limitations, both of which were brought to light in this collaborative dynamic.

As she changed roles/responsibilities, her passion towards CQI for both herself & the organisation continued to grow. She looks forward to applying her skills in identifying opportunities for improvement & driving their implementation, both within Synergy Global & for our Clients.

In particular, she is excited to contribute to initiatives in support of women’s’ leadership development, high-performing-team facilitation, implementing health & wellness initiatives, plus developing her skills in career & leadership coaching to inspire lasting values-based behavioural & cultural change. Jenna is process-driven, collaborative & curious. She is well-known for constantly seeking opportunities to iteratively improve ways of working in order to simplify, whilst maximising the efficiency/ effectiveness of outcomes.

What she values most whilst doing this work, however, is a sense of belonging to & partnering with a diverse team. She gains a lot of energy from collaboration & is a firm believer in leveraging collective experience & wisdom. With her openness to learn from feedback & her willingness to take calculated risks, she enjoys being the least experienced in a room & capitalises on any opportunity to grow – which is one of the many reasons why she chose to join Synergy Global .

She shares one of Heather-Jane’s favourite quotes by Isaac Newton:
“If I have ever seen further than others, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

The key professional interests she is pursuing whilst fulfilling her role as Team Leader - WA:

blackEffectiveness Consulting: Gaining end-to-end experience in identifying business needs & delivering valued outcomes
blackChange Facilitation: Growing her skills in Bespoke Program Design, Teaching & Assessing, plus Evaluation Skills
blackCareer/ Life Coaching: Especially developing practical experience with 360 Feedback to add to her theoretical training
blackLeveraging her experience in Systems Thinking for Internal/External Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
blackExploring how she can best support the SG Leadership Team (SGLT) in the implementation of our Business Strategy

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