SG Graduate Finishing School (GFS)

Synergy Global is an International Effectiveness Practice providing Effectiveness Consulting, Change Facilitation & Executive Coaching services for people wishing to focus on strategic priorities & major change programs.
We are currently offering a cutting edge 12-week senior graduate work experience program with the opportunity to extend to a paid internship.
This is a unique opportunity to discuss with our Chief Executive how to specifically gear the experience to cater for your interests, skills & Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as well as to partner directly with Effective Consultants. As we're a diverse & creative team anyone with any degree may apply, but preferably Business/Marketing, HR/OD & IT Graduates.

Duration & Diversity:
A minimum of 12wks, 2 days p/w (Wed-Thu) with the benefit of daily Reflective Practice; weekly CPD/Peer Mentoring Coaching; Individual Performance Reviews; & Team Development Days with our Synergy Global Leadership Team (SGLT). We value diversity & welcome all applicants, including those from the LGBTIQ Community, Indigenous Australians, & people with a disability. SG GFS Video.

If interested, please contact Heather-Jane Gray, Chief Executive with a cover letter & 2-page CV.

Career Development:
There is an opportunity for paid internship after completing GOLD (equivalent to a full-time 3-month internship) if a vacant support role is available. Interns are assessed against the SG Competency Framework™ & given comprehensive development feedback on how to close any remaining gaps in their knowledge/skills/behaviours.

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