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Joanna Davis, Team Leader - FL, USA

Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist & Reflexologist (Clinical), Certified Personal Trainer, A.A. Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, ICF MCC (Master Certified Life/Leadership Coach), Certified Human Potential Assessment Coach, Registered Facial Specialist

Joanna Davis joined Synergy Global in 2019 as Team leader - FL. She started her career in Massage & Reflexology. In order to receive her Reflexology certification, she had to attend 100hrs of live training & doc 100hrs of practice. Compare that to her Hot Stone Massage Certification that required her to watch videos & get signatures from three clients!

There are certifications that are meaningful & others that aren’t! Coaching as a profession is no different. There are people who innocently tout ‘Life Coach’ as their title, because they’ve watched 20hrs of videos. That’s a big difference from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) minimum standard for Life Coaching: 60hrs of specific training (either an approved institution, or with robust documentation), 10hrs of Mentor Coaching who has listened to your coaching skills, 100hrs of demonstrated coaching (>75hrs demonstrating professional capability), & the completion of the ICF Coach Knowledge & Ethics Assessment. If an ICF Coach was not trained by an ICF approved institution, they must pass an evaluation of actual coaching with a client – an audio recording with a written transcript. ICF credentials are something to be proud of & Joanna earned her ICF Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) designation when it required the same criteria as above with an additional 65hrs of training, plus, an additional 500hrs of documented coaching.

Joanna is proud to say that she’s completed >200hrs training required to become an ICF Master Credentialed Coach (MCC), with >2,500hrs of professional coaching. The evaluation is mandatory at this level & requires submission of two coaching calls with transcripts. If you see MCC after a name, they have achieved the Gold Standard. This is currently around 4% of ICF Coaches & the top 1% in the world. She now serves as a Coach Trainer/Change Facilitator & says “the more I know, the more I know that there is to know!”

Of course, certifications don’t tell the whole story for anyone. Joanna’s training in healing the human mind/body/spirit began in the early 1980s as a Massage Therapist trained in ‘Energetic Bodywork’ by a Shaman; where she also received training on herbal supplements/nutritional support. She’s a self-confessed ‘multi-sensory mystic’, which informs & facilitates her work in healing, which she brings into our SG Health & Wellbeing Team. If she isn’t the right coach for you, we’d be honoured to help you find the coach that is. According to several studies, the number one predictive factor in coaching success is rapport. Beyond training, experience, & the number of hours & cost invested – the most important factor in hiring a coach is to find the one that feels right, & Synergy Global always give Pro-bono ‘Chemistry Checks’.

Joanna is a Coach Trainer, with a background in the Neuroscience of Human Communication, Business Networking, Entrepreneurship, Mind-Body Connection/Manifesting. She has worked with a wide variety of Clients from Fortune 50 Financial & Data companies to SMEs. Her coaching practice supports both Execs & Entrepreneurs. She believes that coaching is the healthiest support system a society can have because it elevates an individual's awareness of the impact, they have on themselves & others. Our SG Coaching Panel holds a compassionate learning space, free of judgment.

Her expertise and key interests focus around these 3 themes:
blackEffectiveness Consulting: People-centred Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change
blackChange Facilitation: Leadership Development & High Performing Teams using Action Learning
blackExecutive Coaching: Holistic Life Coaching for Health & Wellbeing (including Spiritual Coaching

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