Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Making the world a better place



As an ethical business, Synergy Global has always contributed generously to a variety of charitable concerns (mainly focused on disaster relief & helping homeless families), as well as supporting our local communities:

Environmental Sustainability: Promoting sustainable practices are encouraged wherever reasonably practicable. We focus on reducing wasted paper/water, recycle, lower travel emissions & purchase carbon offsets for unavoidable travel. We work remotely whenever possible to reduce carbon footprint, use solar power for electricity, drive electric cars & plant 1500 trees each year. As political activists in the area of climate change we also lobby our governments across four continents.

Valuing Diversity & Inclusion: Treating anyone equally regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or origin (e.g. Indigenous or TSI background), religion, age or disability.

Supporting Young People: Being passionate about mentoring & coaching people to be their best self, we’ve offered 100s of Post Graduate Internships over the past 25 years. We currently provide an Effectiveness Interns Team (EIT) Program - with many interns joining our international Organisational Development (OD) practice, or having taken the life lessons & career support, have gone on to be successful in many other fields. If you are interested in applying there is a brochure - & a short video

Supporting Baby Boomers (50+): Some of our team members are >50yrs – we tap into their life experience & wisdom, whilst ensuring they partner well with younger team members to keep their technical skills up to date. Keren Smedley, one of our Associate Consultants in Western Australia (WA) focuses on this specific area of development in our communities, in partnership with Heather-Jane, our Chief Executive.