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What do Clients get from Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching

What do Clients get from Executive Coaching?

We define Executive Coaching as: The provision of coaching services to a business leader, or a team of leaders, by a trained & professional coach with credentials. The services are designed to produce positive changes around improving skills, performance or work-related professional & personal development in a specified time frame. (Gray & Hewat 2009-16)

One of the key coaching questions we ask is: What positive changes can you identify – right now – that would increase both your effectiveness & that of your organisation?

As coaching emerges from an industry into a profession, more research is becoming available into its effectiveness. One indicator of the success of a service is whether organisations perceive there is enough value gained to continue using it.

Demand for Executive Coaching is being tracked by the annual Sherpa Coaching Research Survey. To create a snapshot of the coaching industry’s direction, Sherpa developed the Coaching Confidence Index (CCI). The index is calculated taking into account rates charged by executive coaches (now linked to inflation), the number of clients they serve, predictions about the demand for coaching & the amount of time executive coaches spend in marketing their service, among other factors. Between 2011 & 2015, the Coaching Confidence Index (CCI) has increased from 64 to 104.

From our point of view, the words only convey part of the reason why organisations purchase Executive Coaching Services. In Synergy-Global, everything we do is client-centric. It’s really brought to life when we hear feedback from our clients about what they get back from investing their time, energy & resources. Some trends we have noticed are such things as:

black Somehow, I always feel smarter after our coaching sessions. I’m able to address things I have been putting off for months & best of all, it takes hardly any effort!

black [Coaching] has actually saved me considerable time, reduced my stress level, & improved both my working & personal relationships - people have noticed the change & have commented that I seem far more relaxed, authentic – &, more importantly, that I now have my ‘Mojo back’!

black This morning I woke up full of energy & purpose. That board paper I was finding so boring yesterday before we focused our coaching session on it – I rewrote the entire thing before breakfast. The new approach is far more invigorating! Instead of dreading the meeting, I’m now really fired up about it!

There are many more examples – & success stories. Is this something your executive team needs?

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Get more Return on Investment

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Return on Investment(RoI) - Executive Coaching

For long term sustainable results, our experience is that coaching services that are managed at an organisational level run comparatively smoothly with win-win outcomes.  This applies to the people being coached, their line managers, their teams, their peers, the organisation, their clients/customers &, most important of all, their work & personal communities.

The top 5 ways to guarantee ROI in Executive Coaching are:

Quality: Use Global Best Practice frameworks e.g. Coaching in Organisations (see Standards Australia publication). Anyone can call themselves a coach & while a few non-accredited coaches are good, using an accredited coach gives you the guarantee that the coach has a robust training & knowledge base.

HR/PPC: Establish a centralised, organisation-wide approach to track the effectiveness of coaching services.  If you are comparing apples with potatoes it’s difficult to get a real idea of how effective coaching is.  An agreed system of measurement will provide a consistent picture of ‘how things are going’.

Goals: Agree coaching goals & metrics up front.  Each individual should know what will & will not be included in their coaching program.  They should also know what outcomes will be expected of them as a result of their coaching program.

Adapt: Ensure services are flexible enough to deliver outcomes to meet individual, team & organisational changing business needs.  Every organisation, department & person is different – & the coaching program needs to be able to agile enough to adapt to the demands of each of them.

Success: Measure & track goals & report on how coaches increase & sustain their effectiveness.  Starting with a clear vision of success & tracking the key milestones along the way will provide the means to reinforce ongoing progress.

As with most interventions there is a multitude of variables present when engaging with anything to do with people. While there are no guarantees, working flexibly within a rigorous framework gives Executive Coaching Programs the best chance of success.