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Until April 2007, the South & East Belfast (S&EB) NHS Trust was responsible for delivering Residential Care, Day Care & Care in the Home to half the population of Belfast. It then became part of the larger Belfast Health & Social Care (BHSC) Trust formed by merging – Belfast City Hospital, The Royal Hospitals, Mater Hospital, South & East Belfast, North & West Belfast & the Greenpark Healthcare Trust. This is now the biggest employer in Northern Ireland with 20,000 staff (1 in 30 of the total NI workforce), dedicated to improving the health & wellbeing of the people of Belfast & beyond.


When S&B Trust recognised it had major difficulties in operating its wide range of services from 73 separate properties, it sought our help to produce a comprehensive Estate Strategy.


However, after listening carefully to the client, we identified that the crucial need was not in fact an Estate Strategy, but a Service Delivery Strategy from which the estate requirements to support would emerge i.e. to develop a different model of care within which the individual elements could be aggregated to produce space economies & add the benefits of closer association of a linked range of community functions. We developed the innovative concept of three population related centres across S&E Belfast, each of which would provide GP Surgeries, Physio, Podiatry, Dentistry, Child Care Services, Local Authority, Social Services & Voluntary Services offices. We categorised these new concepts as ‘Health & Care Centres’ – & they paved the way towards the modernised health & social care services that we see today.


Two of the proposed Health & Care Centres became operational in 2006, providing hugely improved services. The Trust has been able to reduce its stock of properties from 73 to 30, thereby saving an enormous amount of money that has been reinvested in further service improvement. By working together & listening to patients, we were able to tackle health inequalities & strive to deliver the best possible care. The Belfast Health & Social Care Trust now provides services for more than 340,000 people in Belfast & its regional services provide care to the whole of Northern Ireland.

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