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An Independent Co-Educational school in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, established in the late 1800’s has two campuses with approximately 1700 students. An Early Learning Centre (ELC) to Year 12 & 300+ staff. The staff comprise 140 teaching staff, 90 professional staff & visiting staff for music & sport.


Working with ‘People & Culture’, one of the immediate tasks was to establish a robust, sequential, & consistent method for the Advertising, Recruitment & Selection of new roles within the school. Position descriptions were not consistent in language or format. Advertising was mainly through print media with some online advertising through SEEK or industry Job Boards. The process was administered through the Principal’s Office & her EA. Assessing applicants & determining shortlists was cumbersome, inconsistent, & inefficient


Synergy Global Consultant worked with the school to establish the following processes.

Position requisition: An opportunity to assess specific needs created by a vacancy & incorporate workforce planning. We worked with the hiring manager & interview panel to establish clear needs & expectations of prospective employees.

Online application portal linked to the school’s website:This included information about the school & images to make the school more attractive to prospective employees. It also included options to advertise on various social media sites e.g., Facebook, Indeed, LinkedIn & SEEK. Traffic also now diverts to Google searches & the application process includes a brief questionnaire so applicants can be viewed by the panel online for immediate processing & shortlisting.

Role Profiles/Job Descriptions: Consistent position descriptions including the Schools values-based Vision/Purpose (‘To Be’), Mission/Strategy (‘To Do’) & Brand/Reputation (‘To Feel’) were included for clarity. So were the school’s expectations & the attributes of high performing staff & a clear outline the tasks required for each role.

Interview process:We also helped to standardise questions & interview recording across specific roles. Panel of three. Often two interviews. Addition of a school tour. Skills testing with a teaching demo. Plus, pre-interview written questions.

Psychometric testing: Synergy Global (SG) specialises in helping clients with ‘Values-based Leadership of Behavioural/ Cultural Change’, so we were delighted to help with aligning personal & organisational values in partnership with team members & faculty. We identified counter productive workplace behaviours, enabling a clearer process for selection.


The new processes increased applications for all roles, & interview panels were more consistent in their final decisions due to an understanding of how the role would be best filled.

The profile of the school was raised with increased social media content. More information was provided through advertising; the improved interview process; & the school tour – all this aided in the smooth on-boarding of new staff.

Successful staff selection has resulted in increased satisfaction & retention of new staff. The entire new process facilitated by SG has provided clearer feedback to & from all candidates – this has enabled enhancement of the school as a workplace of choice. This is so important with the country’s skill shortage & the urgency to improve education.” School Principal

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