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Performance Development

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An Independent Co-Educational school in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, established in the late 1800’s has two campuses with approximately 1700 students. An Early Learning Centre (ELC) to Year 12 & 300+ staff. The staff comprise 140 teaching staff, 90 professional staff & visiting staff for music & sport.


In the late 1990s, a Performance Management/Appraisal process was introduced for teaching staff. As the process developed it became very time consuming with many documents & a system of checking with the line manager, then Campus Head & finally the Principal. The process was not sustainable due to the time constraints on staff, who did not enjoy the process or value the outcomes. Goals discussed were often forgotten & not acted upon as the appraisal process was conducted infrequently – once every 2 years. The school required a system focused on improved learning & teaching, providing staff feedback & enabling effective goal setting, with Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).


A Synergy Global Consultant worked with the school to first assess the suitability of the current system & determine the needs of teaching staff. They then designed a Performance Development Framework that had the following key elements. Peer observation with a set of specific protocols for providing positive feedback. Student surveys to provide feedback to teaching staff. Cognitive coaching protocols to enable goal setting for the coming year. Regular follow-up sessions to assess progress, along with feedback via surveys from staff to their line managers. The process valued the feedback from the student body & enabled a “student voice” in decision-making & goal setting. The initial process was established for teaching staff only


Professional peer dialogue & feedback surrounding learning & teaching was much improved with regular productive meetings focussed on goal setting. The data gathered from staff & student surveys showed an upward trend in the “satisfaction” with meeting the “expectations” of the learning & teaching in the classroom. Staff enjoyed their expanded ‘Leader as Coach’ skills & the process of being coached by their team leaders.

Over the 6 years of the program, the school results could be tracked digitally & assessed for trends.

I enjoyed the opportunity to regularly reflect on my own teaching using the data created by student surveys” – Teacher

The opportunity to coach & be coached is valuable for me as a middle leader within the school” – Department Head

Regular time efficient discussions adds to my motivation at work & often clarify objectives” – Teacher

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