Saskia Houwing, Team Leader – WA, USA

ICF ACC Executive Coach (with Cert IV & Dip Business Coaching), Credentialed Sports Coach, using sports to positively influence behavior, TILT 365 (Certification Feb 2020), using an ontological approach.

Saskia Houwing joined Synergy Global in 2019, as Team Leader – WA, USA.
She is an experienced personal & professional development coach, TEDx organizer, adventurer & possibility explorer, with a background in profit & not-for-profit organisations.

If you ask Saskia why she coaches, she’d say it’s to bring joy, love & peace to the world - & of course she is being honest. It’s also by creating connection & encouraging people to share.

Her love for rallying a crowd around ideas is a prime example. It’s one reason she’s heavily involved in TEDxYouth@Seattle (“we bond, knowledge exchange & leave better than when we arrived”). She loves connecting people around great ideas. She’s deeply passionate about equality, diversity & inclusivity, & lives in a way that advocates them.

Having lived several years in the Netherlands (she’s of Dutch descent), Singapore & now, the USA, she has a natural affinity for working with culturally diverse individuals.

If travelling & starting over has taught anything, it’s that life is a spectacular adventure replete with unimaginable possibilities. Examples of how Saskia has used her skills:

1) TEDxYouth@Seattle needed leadership vision & strategy in order to re-launch – Saskia used her consulting skills to form a diverse team of teenagers & adults to re-launch a first production in 2019.
The event was sold out with 8 speakers & partnerships.

2) Started Crossroads Coaching Community - she used her skills to facilitate coaching workshops with leaders & expats.

3) UW Bothell MBA Program collaborated with ICF to offer MBA students support – Saskia helped with 1:1 coaching.
Measurable outcomes included the students having raised self-awareness & acceptance, plus, job readiness.

Her expertise & interests focus around these 3 themes:
blackEffectiveness Consulting: Saskia partners with more experienced SG Team Leaders to offer development services
blackChange Facilitation: She has a natural positivity & flare for engaging people in meaningful change facilitation
blackExecutive Coaching: 1:1 Leadership Coach (face-to-face & virtually) on professional development & life issues

Saskia is a connector & thrives by giving energy to new ideas. For example, she has relaunched an innovative edition of TEDxYouth in Seattle; started new partnerships for them, whilst organising highly interactive & successful events.
As a Volunteer she co-founded the Crossroads Coaching Community & helps with Seattle Tennis & Education Foundation.

She is always on the outlook for establishing new & meaningful connections. Most recently she has been working as a Program Manager for the Open Innovation Academy (a Dutch organisation). She’s also an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Chapter Washington State.

When not at work, Saskia loves to spend time in nature, walking, skiing, tennis, music & travel – plus, enjoying her local neighbourhood in Kirkland where she currently lives with her husband Erik & their cat Casper.

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